[Workout] Sandbag work


To keep your workouts interesting, use different equipment like sandbags that will challenge your fitness and strength, and keep your sessions intense, fun and interesting!


What you’ll need:

A sandbag and some space!

How to do it:

Perform 4 rounds of the below workout in sequence. 

  • Deadlift into front squat into double back squats: Deadlift with the bag, flip it onto your shoulders for a front squat and then onto your back for double squat. Start again. Complete 5 reps in total.
  • Plank pull throughs: in a plank position, pull the bag from one side to the other. Perform 5 reps each side.
  • Sandbag swings: perform it like you would perform a kettlebell swing. Use a lighter bag as otherwise, it is too difficult. Complete 10 reps.
  • Burpees: perform a burpee with a bag lift or deadlift. Complete 10 reps.
  • Russian twists: perform 10 reps on each side.

Watch the video below for clear demonstrations of how to perform the workout.


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Author: Tanja Schmitz

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