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The bone broth revival: Is this nature’s most potent muscle builder?

Every now and again some element of the Paleo diet seems to gain mainstream traction. In the past…

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[#Recipe] Creme Caramel Protein Cups

Jo says: “Creme caramel is my all-time favourite dessert, ever since I was a kid!”…

Fitness Chick pea brownies FI

[#Recipe] Chickpea protein brownies

Try this yummy, healthy, macro-friendly and easy-to-make recipe that uses simple and cheap ingredients. Ingredients:

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Ditch the calorie counting in 2020 to reach your goals

While many people make a New Year’s resolution to improve their health by eating less and counting…

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9 tips for healthy holiday eating

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What to do when eating becomes intolerable

Do you constantly feel tired or bloated? Do you suffer from severe nausea, sinusitis and dark circles under…

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[#Recipe] Low-carb protein pudding

Get on the Bant wagon with this low-carb, high-fat diet-friendly pudding. It’s loaded with protein to aid recovery…

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[#Recipe] Going gluten-free with Nicole

More people are going gluten-free for various health reasons, especially as gluten intolerance has become such a pervasive…

9 smart ways to clean up your diet

9 smart ways to clean up your diet

By Caralishious Healthy balanced eating really doesn’t have to be complicated. What makes nutrition complex…

Coffee-to-go breakfast smoothie

Coffee-to-go breakfast smoothie

Strapped for time in the morning rush? Have your coffee and breakfast on the go with…