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Native whey: What’s all the hype about?

Whey is the undisputed king of protein supplements. It’s also the most competitive segment in the market, with…

All the reasons why you SHOULD take a pre-workout!

It can be difficult sometimes to find the energy and motivation to get in a workout.

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It’s no secret… you need to eat clean to get lean

The cliché that you are what you eat is absolutely true. Unfortunately for most, the world we live…

Add an avo to your day – it could save your life!

Add an avo to your day – it could save your life!

New research published in the journal Nutrients reported that eating a breakfast that includes half…

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How (and why) to reverse diet

As we start another new contest season, the last thing on a Bikini or Fitness competitor’s mind is…


It’s about more than muscle: How whey protein can help you lose weight

If you’re a regular at the gym, you’ve probably noticed those muscly guys toss back a protein…

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What’s the beef with low-carb diets?

A new study suggests that low carbohydrate diets are unsafe and should be avoided, while another landmark…

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Low-carb high-protein waffles

So you’ve seen pancakes and waffles all over Instagram, but  still not sure how to make them? And…

NEW NPL Hustle

Get your muscle hustle on with NPL

NPL’s new Hustle range is the brand’s latest innovation in functional foods, primed and ready to help you…

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Rediscover your primal energy force

Revive your primal energy with a potent dose of nature’s ultimate performance booster, caffeine Primal Energy…