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3 YouTube videos to help you regain your motivation

Are home workouts losing their appeal? If, like many of us, you’re losing your motivation to exercise at home, check…

3 Flexability workouts

3 YouTube videos to help improve your flexibility and mobility

Are you forever telling yourself you should stretch, but just never get around to it? Stretching is often overlooked but…

Crank up your bodyweight training the AMRAP way!

Crank up your bodyweight training the AMRAP way!

Don’t let closed gyms derail your progress. Maintain your gains through lockdown with this high-intensity bodyweight circuit.

3 lower back workouts

3 intense lower body Youtube workouts for you to do at home

Struggling to find motivation to workout at home? Youtube is a gold mine when it comes…

3 best workouts

3 killer full body Youtube workouts

No gym? No problem! The choices on Youtube are endless with new workouts and programs uploaded every minute! We…

Join the LivingFit With Nicole Fun Home Challenge

The most valuable investment you can make, especially in the situation we currently face, is to invest in…

PUMA Adds New Workouts To PUMATRAC

PUMA’s training app PUMATRAC, which offers over 2400 minutes of training for free, now includes a…

resistance training

[WORKOUT] Full-Body Band Workout

A resistance band is a versatile piece of exercise equipment ideal for at-home workouts because it allows…

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The Turkish Get-Up: Your one-move, whole-body workout

The Turkish Get-Up or TGU might be the ultimate exercise – one move to rule them all!

MIndBodySoul FI

mindbootysoul pop-up experience 2

Join us on the 28th September at Toadbury Hall for all the fun Fitfarmgirl is proud to present the…