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Is your personal trainer also your personal cheerleader?

Is your personal trainer also your personal cheerleader? They should be!

A personal trainer’s job doesn’t end when their client completes the last rep of their scheduled workout.

5 tips to boost winter workout motivation

5 tips to boost winter workout motivation

The motivation to train in winter can be fleeting, even for the most dedicated gym girl. Those icy…

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Uncover your genetic code to take the guesswork out of exercise & achieve results

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Why every fit pro needs to be an expert digital marketer & networker & 5 tips to get you started

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Shelby aims to make it count at her only local show

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Farai Gomwe preps to dominate the ACA stage

All eyes will be on the stage at the Sandton Convention Centre on 18 May as SA’s top…

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Become a digital marketing maverick to grow your PFT business

Online and digital marketing channels have created unprecedented opportunities for personal trainers and fitness professionals to find new…

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8 tips to boost your energy levels while on a pre-contest diet

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