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Transformation tips

A transformation coach and personal trainer shares 5 proven tips that work!

Online coach, personal trainer and professional bodybuilder Andrew Hudson is a well-established and respected transformation expert.

Protein cloud cakes fi

[#Recipe] Protein Cloud Cakes

Make your cake and eat it with this less sinful snack recipe. It’s also packed with…

Vegan protein feature image

Science suggests vegan protein is just as effective as whey

For decades, dairy-derived whey protein has reigned supreme as the standard by which all other protein is…

Bone broth feature image

The bone broth revival: Is this nature’s most potent muscle builder?

Every now and again some element of the Paleo diet seems to gain mainstream traction. In the past…

3 essential exercises feature image

3 essential exercises every effective weight-loss program needs

We all want that one magic pill or that all-conquering exercise that will deliver immediate weight loss.

Creme caramel feature image

[#Recipe] Creme Caramel Protein Cups

Jo says: “Creme caramel is my all-time favourite dessert, ever since I was a kid!”…

UpdatedV3_2020_transform_Fitness transformations FI

Transformation cheat sheet: 10 tips from real-life transformations that worked!

We’ve shared the weight-loss and transformation success stories from over 100 women over the past 15 years,…

Fitness Chick pea brownies FI

[#Recipe] Chickpea protein brownies

Try this yummy, healthy, macro-friendly and easy-to-make recipe that uses simple and cheap ingredients. Ingredients:


ICN Naturals show dates announced

The I Compete Natural (ICN) Muscle & Model World Alliance has announced its local 2020 show date. The…

PUMA drops SPEED 600 WMNs

Pump up the pace on your next run with PUMA’s new SPEED 600. PUMA has included…