Forget the coffee, drink a ‘brothee’

FIBO Africa 2019 welcomes Body Beautiful to the show floor this October!

FIBO Global Fitness Africa 2019 presented by Dis-Chem Pharmacies has partnered with Body Beautiful SA to host The…

HFPA Fit career

This is how you build a thriving career as a qualified fit pro

If you want to build a thriving career in the health and fitness industry, it’s important to understand…

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The 4 F’s of optimal gut health

Did you know that gut health forms the foundation for your overall health and wellness?

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7 ways to drop body fat pre-contest

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Native whey: What’s all the hype about?

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Where’s your head at? The perfect squat is about more than just your hips & feet

Squat heavy and squat often. That’s a sure-fire approach to achieving the legs and glutes you’re after,…

Sneak attack: The latest kicks for sport & fitness

A whole host of hot new sneakers are about hit the market. We review a few of the releases you…

Cardio Canundrum

The cardio conundrum: Which approach is best for conditioning?

It’s competition season. That means comp diets, de-carbing and, yes, that dreaded cardio. But cardio…

6 ways to help your PT clients reach their goals

6 ways to help your PT clients reach their goals

Hiring a personal trainer is an investment – an investment in your health, your wellbeing and your body.

Melissa Press WBFF Pro

Melissa Press goes from Novice to Pro in one show!

The local amateur stage is the natural stepping stone for most ladies who want to get a taste…