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[Workout] Sandbag work

To keep your workouts interesting, use different equipment like sandbags that will challenge your fitness and strength, and…

fat loss

Why you need to eat more to lose weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, your first instinct has probably been to reduce the amount of food you…


#MaydayFitnessProject: your submissions

During the month of May we have been sharing some of your workouts on our social media pages as…


#StrongWomen: Cara-Lisa Sham is the epitome of balance

Cara-Lisa Sham is an entrepreneur, health blogger and founder of the Caralishious Vegan Ice-Cream brand. You may know…


Boost your motivation

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to brace the colder temps and make it to the gym…


4 ways wearable tech is making you fitter

From Fitbit trackers to Apple watches – there is no shortage of quality fitness and health trackers on the…

[WORKOUT] Target those ‘problem areas’

Everyone has that region or body part they wish was a little tighter, rounder, firmer, bigger or smaller….

#StrongWomen: Isilda da Costa

Isilda da Costa, our very own Fitness Mag Blogger, is a qualified holistic health coach, raw food nutritionist, personal…

A #FitAffair Success

On 17 February 2018, almost 200 #strongwomen came together to get sweaty, get stronger and motivate each other at…

Fast-Track Your Fitness Results with a Balanced Exercise Plan

Get better and faster results by customizing your workouts – discover what’s missing from your current routine.