Get glorious glutes the Roxy Amas way!

Roxy Amas has been in the fitness industry for a while now and has built a reputation as an athlete with strong, shapely glutes.

She first competed in IFBB shows before switching to the WBFF in 2018, where she won her Pro Card at a WBFF South Africa show. She then went on to compete at WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas and impressively placed sixth.


Any Bikini competitor will tell you that glutes influence every stage performance – they can either set you apart from the rest, or be the reason you place poorly.

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Athletes chase round, perky glutes and that glute-hamstring tie-in when training to compete. And the same approach applies to any lady who wants a firmer, shapelier booty (minus the strict competition diet).

But glorious glutes offer more than aesthetic appeal, explains Roxy.

The majority of us sit at our desks for most of the day and don’t really use our glute muscles. This can become problematic because our glutes affect how we walk, our core strength, lower back, pelvic alignment and our knees. That is why I highly recommend making glutes a priority in your weekly workout regimen!”

Activate to engage

I always start my glute workouts by warming up with sidekicks and kickbacks using heavy resistance bands, which activate my glutes. I also like to warm up doing some light-weighted squats with a barbell, says Roxy.

Variety and consistency

Roxy changes her glute workouts regularly to avoid plateauing and to continue challenging her muscles.

She also targets this important area of her physique with greater volume. “I train my glutes three times a week. On Mondays I’ll pair glutes with quads. Wednesday’s workout is usually glutes and hammies, and I dedicate my Saturdays entirely to glutes.”

Roxy affirms that consistency is one of the most important factors in building your glutes.

“This applies to your training and your eating. On the days I train glutes, I’ll make sure I eat ample carbs throughout the day. My go-to sources are sweet potato, basmati rice and oats. When I don’t power up on carbs, I lose energy quickly and don’t have enough fuel for my workouts.”

In terms of supplements, she relies on NPL’s stimulant-free Vaso Pump to get those amazing booty pumps. “I’ll also include USN Isolean Whey Protein with my oats to get an extra dose of protein with my carbs to build shapely muscles.”


  • Don’t be afraid to lift heavy.
  • Focus on controlled movements.

“I’ve found that doing fewer reps using heavier weights really helped build my glutes.”

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Try Roxy’s fave glute workout:



Author: Logan Leigh Rix

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