The best educational YouTube vids on fat-loss and building your glutes

The best educational YouTube vids on fat-loss and building your glutes
There’s two things that most women want: to be lean, and to have glorious glutes! We found two educational YouTube vids to help you out in both departments.

CHFI TV: The Fundamentals Of Fat Loss

Important takeaway points:
  • Fat loss=Energy deficit
  • Diet, cardio, and weights. Increase one of these while moderately doing the other two. It’s important not to ramp up all three as this could lead you to burnout.
  • Increasing weight training is the recommended activity for fat loss as it increases your resting metabolic rate as well as impacts your NEAT level less.

Important takeaway points:
  • Bigger and stronger glutes help us avoid injury as well as aids us more in everyday life.
  • It is essential to do exercises that encourage proper glute recruitment ie. doing glute specific exercises.
  • We should train glutes 2-6 times a week.
  • You need to make sure you can feel the exercises you’re doing for your glutes, in your glutes! You can do this by making sure you activate your glute muscles by performing activation exercises before your workout.
  • ‘Glute training is as much of a mental workout as it is a physical one’-It is very important to concentrate on activating your glutes while you train.

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