HIIT it Like a Squat! [VIDEO]

No-one likes cardio, right? Spice up your cardio with some squats in between! Here’s a quick HIIT workout from Fitness Blogger Isilda da Costa:

I absolutely love this HIIT workout and my clients already dread it when I mention it but, they know it is a short amount of time for a whole lot of results, and boy does it burn!

What you need:

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It is simple, all you need is a treadmill and your energy!

How to perform it:

Sprint for 30 seconds on an incline of 5%, jump off the treadmill and perform 10 squats (leave the treadmill on pause, so that you can get right back onto it when you are done with the squats)

Repeat this sequence for 5 sets non-stop, take a short break and then repeat! See if you can push yourself to do 2-3 rounds in total!

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Workout by Isilda da Costa. Isilda is a personal trainer, health coach, certified nutritionist and women’s fitness specialist.

Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog.

Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.