[WORKOUT] Full-Body Band Workout

resistance training

A resistance band is a versatile piece of exercise equipment ideal for at-home workouts because it allows you to work out against some form of resistance.

These bands also deliver some form of resistance to working muscles, which makes them ideal to use in combination with a bodyweight program at home as it adds an extra dimension to your training and will keep your exercise routine fresh and effective.

Bands come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and strengths, as well as styles, such as tube bands with handles (used in this workout), looped continuous resistance bands and thera-bands. You can any type of band you have at home to complete this workout.

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Benefits of resistance band training:

  • It’s a cost-effective form of exercise.
  • You can train anywhere, anytime.
  • The risk of injury is minimal due to the type of stress imposed.
  • Ideal for beginners still learning proper exercise technique and form.
  • Can be used in a variety of exercises to target the entire body.
  • Use them together with weights to add an extra dimension to your training.
  • Continuous tension can be applied during both the eccentric and concentric phases for an exercise for better overall strength development and muscle recruitment.

Body shaping benefits

Resistance bands are so effective, in fact, that IFBB Pro Taylor Chamberlain regularly includes a band workout in her exercise routine. Download the workout here to train at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Workout supplied and performed by Taylor Chamberlain @taychayy
  • Images by Michael Neveux

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