Sculpt your Glutes with this Resistance Band Workout [VIDEO]

Build the perfect booty with this resistance band workout by Fitness Magazine Blogger Isilda da Costa! 

Glute training is definitely a popular topic these days, and being that I teach a booty class every week I thought I would share some of my favourite resistance moves with you.

All you need is a good strong resistance band and a mat. Make sure you keep that mind to muscle connection with every rep and perform about 5 rounds of 15 reps each. You could also do 4 sets of 20 – let it fit into the time you have available! 

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Squat and kickback

This move is self-explanatory, but I do feel I will repeat this the whole way through, you need to squeeze your glute when you kick back!

Curtsy lunge and side kick

Keep your knees in line with and close to each other when you perform the cross back lunge. Kick out to the side and squeeze.

Side kicks

In a sideways motion, kick your leg out. Make sure that you keep your hips down. Lifting one hip up while you kick out will mean less glute activation.

Kneeling kickbacks (straight leg then bent leg)

Hold for 2 seconds with each rep. 

Side lifting clam shells

This one is a great exercise to activate and target those smaller glute muscles. With each leg lift, squeeze and hold for a second.

 Watch the video below for exercise demonstrations.



Workout by Isilda da Costa. Isilda is a personal trainer, health coach, certified nutritionist and women’s fitness specialist.

Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog.

Author: Mariska du Plessis

Mariska is the editor of Fitness Magazine, Bootcamp Instructor, Writer, Photographer and Wellness Blogger.

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