Candice – a mother’s battle with fat

Chelsea – How I reshaped my body

How this Durbanite ‘RiShaped’ her body and life with a popular 8-week transformation challenge

SUPASHAPE 12 Week Challenge

SUPASHAPE Challenge Registrations Opening Soon

As we all return back from our well-deserved festive holidays, which was more than likely dappled with relaxed eating…

The Need for Fitness Pros to Continually Up-skill

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela I have…

Build lean muscle

5 Things You Should Do After Training

Optimise recovery after training by following these simple guidelines to get the most out of your workout session: 1. Use…

Without taking a holistic approach to this lifestyle you will never achieve the results you want.

5 Essential Motivational Movers

Stay motivated with these fitness essentials…. 1. Get assessed monthly Don’t just…

Week 1 - 5 week training

5 Weeks to a Slim and Fit Body: Week 1

Let us take the guess work out of your training routine for the next 5 weeks! Based on our very…

Getting it right - The importance of good form

Getting it right – The Importance of Good Form

The importance of adopting good form and technique in order to avoid injury and fast track your progress cannot…

Building a power core

Building a Power Core

The best way to get a strong core is to overload it with exercises that require stabilisation and prevent…

Functional training

Functional Training

Full-body functional training programmes have the ability to improve your posture and balance, increase your range of…

Plate workout

Get a Full Body Workout with 1 Plate

Beat frustration with some training ingenuity. Does waiting in line to train gym leave you feeling under-trained? There is a way to…