[RECIPE] Funghi farciti (stuffed mushrooms)

Funghi farciti

Looking for a healthful yet tasty starter or light snack?

Stuffed mushrooms are the perfect way to create a nutrient-dense meal that also delights the taste buds.


  • 6 large brown mushrooms
  • 100g Bread crumbs
  • 100g parsley, chopped
  • 300g Parma ham or cooked bacon, chopped
  • 100g parmesan, grated
  • 10g fresh rosemary, chopped
  • 2g fresh sage, chopped
  • 2g garlic, chopped
  • 80ml milk
  • Salt and black pepper to taste

Rosemary has many health benefits. It contains vitamin B6, which helps regulate better sleep, which is good for your immune system, and your physical and mental health.


  1. Wipe mushrooms clean, trim stalk and place on a baking tray skin side down.
  2. Combine all ingredients and divide filling between mushrooms pressing onto the individual mushrooms.
  3. Bake at 180°C for between 25 to 30 minutes until mushrooms are cooked but still firm – be careful not to overcook.

Another great way to incorporate rosemary into meals is to use rosemary fronds to thread chicken and mushroom skewers for the braai.

Author: Pedro van Gaalen

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