Fitness influencers share their lockdown training wisdom

More of SA’s top fitfluencers share their tips on how they’re coping without gym in lockdown.

This is what they had to say about how they continue the grind at home with intense training and clean eating.

Logan Coleman

Get creative and just enjoy the opportunity to get your body moving in new ways.

There are many free home workouts available online, so give them a try. If you don’t feel like training, my advice is to just start – you’ll end up enjoying it at the end.

My stay-sane tip is to exercise in any way you can. It gets the endorphins pumping and lifts your mood. Also, don’t be hard on yourself. This isn’t a test to see how fit you are, or how productive you can be.

This is a pandemic so just do the best you can in the crisis and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Christelle Rademan

I am staying sane through lockdown by using this time to master the art of becoming the best version of myself, and so should you!

Use this time to become more :

  • loving ❤
  • joyful ?
  • peaceful ?
  • patient ?
  • kind and generous ?
  • faithful ?

Above all else, train your mind to see the good in every situation. For without the storm there would have never been a rainbow.

My top lockdown training tips are you use this time to build your own idea of being healthy.

Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind. Take this time to train that brain. Build positive thoughts around the idea of exercise.

Start to do what you enjoy and not what other people think the norm of being healthy is.

Take this time to explore a new world of fitness by actively searching for new exercises or different training methods.

Try to complete them during this lockdown period and reflect or meditate on the idea of how you feel while doing them and how you feel after you have done them. This creates an environment where you might just develop a new lifelong habit.

Add something different to your lazy days, like a stretching routine, and find something for your energetic days, like different HIIT combinations.

And use the time to research and build up your program and workout database, which you can continue to use when the lockdown ends.

Always remember, healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone. Use this time wisely to find your perfect outfit during this lockdown period.

Author: Shelby Imrie

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