Cardio Mistakes

Four Cardio Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Watch out for these common cardio mistakes.

Your Four Day Cardio Workout Plan

Your Four Day Cardio Workout Plan

Stuck in a cardio rut? Try this four day cardio routine. If you’re only doing Low Intensity Steady State cardio…

4 Medicine Ball Moves For The Entire Body

4 Full Body Medicine Ball Moves

Work your entire body with these 4 simple moves. Sometimes beginner gym-goers can have the problem of not knowing what…

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Boxing

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Boxing

A workout that packs a punch. Boxing isn’t a fitness regime that many women consider when trying to get into…

Trifocus Fitness App

Your Personalised Training App

Your very own personal training app is just a click away! We’ve all been there. We know…

The power of the personal best

The Power Of The Personal Best

We chat to Celestie Engelbrecht, South Africa’s CrossFit Champion about this fitness strategy you should be using. ‘Personal Best’ (otherwise…


3 Moves To Better Looking Calves

Three Calf moves to add to your leg day workout 1. Bridge with calf raise Starting: Lie face up with your feet,…

Three Moves To Shapely Shoulders

Sculpt sexier shoulders in three easy moves. Want the secret to building better arm muscles? Well, you want to develop…

Foam rolling

The Benefits Of Foam Rolling And How To Do It

Scott Macintosh, of The Yard Athletic, tells us the importance of foam rolling for self-myofascial release Do you think foam…

Feel The Burn Kettlebell Workout

A full body workout, with one superstar fitness tool. The kettlebell has been hailed as a superstar fitness tool. That’s…