Pantry make-over smart swaps

Are you wanting to transition from a processed to a more natural, plant-based diet?

When you include more fresh and wholesome plant-based foods in your diet, you’re ensuring your body enjoys natural nutrition and nourishment, which in turn promotes optimal health and healing.

Here are 3 smart swaps that’ll help ease your transition

Tomato sauce swaps

A lot of tomato sauces contain a lot of refined sugar. Rather stock your pantry with fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomato, and tomato puree.


  • Packed full of vitamins C and A
  • Contains no refined sugar
  • Helps to boost the immune system
  • Contains active nutrients and enzymes
  • Free from preservatives
Canned meat swaps

Commonly used for its convenience, this highly processed food lacks sufficient nutrients and is most harmful to your health as it contains preservatives, high amounts of aluminum, and/or BPA.

Rather stock up on protein-packed plant alternatives such as lentils, chickpeas, and beans.


  • Lentils contain 9g of protein per 100g
  • Chickpeas contain 19g of protein per 100g
  • Pinto beans contain 21g of protein per 100g

You can use legumes as a delicious meat replacement in curries, stews, and bakes. They’re also found in most supermarkets and health food stores.

Milk swaps

Cow’s milk can often be full of growth hormone and sugar, and can also cause mucus and congestion due to allergens such as lactose. Opt for healthier milk alternatives such as nut milk alternatives.


  • High in protein
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals
  • Free from lactose
  • Free from dairy
  • May assist in clearing mucus and asthma

This article was adapted from a Fitness magazine feature written by Alani Keiser, creator of Processed to Plantbased recipe books with 15 years of experince with plant-based living.

Author: Logan Leigh Rix

Logan blends her passion and profession by working as a digital and social media marketer and content creator in the fitness, health and wellness industry. She’s also a former Face of Fitness finalist and Fitness Magazine featured athlete.

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