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With so much happening, Hlubi Mboya-Arnold’s week is anything but regimented. However, she thrives in her hectic lifestyle by simply doing the best she can, when she can.

Whatever’s on, she still finds time to train and chase serious challenges, like competing, climbing Kilimanjaro or finishing the Absa Cape Epic.

“Health, fitness and sport is a way of life for me. It’s how I relate to the universe. It’s my drug of choice; my coping mechanism; my stress reliever,” explains Hlubi. This is a typical week in her fit and fab life…


  • 06h00: Meditation and prayer.
  • 06h30: 2-3 cups of coffee – skim milk, no sugar. Oats and honey for breakfast
  • 08h00: Film life starts – on set for the day. Eat lots of fruit and drink lots of water. Avoid those poor snacks and chips on set.
  • 13h30: Lunch. Tupperware of tuna and brown rice.
  • 14h00-19h00: At auditions or reading scripts. Snack on biltong and almonds.
  • 18h00-19h00: Study time. I’m forever a scholar.
  • 20h00: WattBike session at Virgin Active – VO2 training.
  • 21h00: Salad for dinner. I really want to improve my life in raw foodie space and influence more friends and family to join me with more raw food meals.


  • 07h30: Breakfast of strawberries, green tea, and peanut butter on brown or wholewheat bread with honey.
  • 08h30: Out the door for my weekly entrepreneurial hustle. I’m either finding or creating work, or helping open doors for others in the industry.
  • 12h00: Lunch is wholewheat pasta with salmon (I’m a closet pescatarian – I love fish!).
  • 16h00: Snack. I try to eat every 2-3 hours as my metabolism is not what it once was.
  • 17h30: Westcliff stairs session. Brutal, brutal, brutal, but killer mountain climbing conditioning.
  • 19h00: Learning lines or researching for my Future CEO slot on CliffCentral.
  • 20h30: Lean mince, sweet potato and beans for dinner.
  • 22h00: Time for bed.

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  • 04h45: Up early today to fit it all in.
  • 05h30-07h00: High-intensity OCR session at Battlerush.
  • 07h30: Breakfast is 3-4 boiled eggs, brown bread, and coffee.
  • 09h00: Hit the road for a day of lectures, training, or workshops.
  • 10h00: Avo and chicken or fish salad with greens.
  • 12h00: A voiceover or two, or tend to my philanthropic duties.
  • 14h00: Lunch is couscous or quinoa with veggies – loads of colour, or some tuna and beans.
  • 18h00: Final prep for my radio show on CliffCentral and interviews.
  • 20h00: Chocolate milk and veggie bake.


  • 07h00: Breakfast is muesli with Greek yoghurt, and green tea.
  • 10h00-14h00: Final prep for our radio show to keep it fresh and ranked as a top show in the country!
  • 15h00: Attending workshops, snacking on a health sandwich.
  • 17h00: Banana before hitting EFC gym in Sandton for boxing and a group class. We see flames in this class!
  • 19h00: Snacking on leftovers from the week in my “scuff tin”.
  • 20h00: Watching hubby play soccer at Discovery Soccer Park at Wanderers. Maybe a shot of tequila after the game.
  • 21h00: Check emails and prep scripts. Schedule my social media updates.
  • 23h00: Some steak and salad before bed.


  • 06h00: Ease into the morning as my weekend starts on a Friday!
  • 09h00: Aim to get out for 3-4 hours of swimming, hiking, or rock climbing. My weekends are about getting active!
  • 11h00: Snack time, but I’m less strict with my eating over weekends.
  • 19h00: Time for a cheat meal. They’re always epic!


  • 08h00: Sleep in on a Saturday for some much-needed recovery – the struggle is real as you get older! Recovery takes longer these days.
  • 10h00: The recovery continues with some massage or reflexology.
  • 13h00: Head out for a braai with some meat and pap.
  • 18h00: Some home-based yoga or Pilates, or maybe hit the gym. Trying to add more of that in my schedule, especially as I age.


  • 04h00: Up early for a long ride – 3-4 hours out on the bike.
  • 11h00: Working on the house, either painting and varnishing outdoor furniture, or tending my herb garden.
  • 14h00: Reading some non-fiction.
  • 17h00: Church, if I can make it.
  • 18h30: Some meal and work prep to help change the world and make it a better place.

Author: Pedro van Gaalen

When he’s not writing about sport or health and fitness, Pedro is probably out training for his next marathon or ultra-marathon. He’s worked as a fitness professional and as a marketing and comms expert. He now combines his passions in his role as managing editor at Fitness magazine.

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