Give yourself a break

By Chantal Dalabona

The actual physical act of giving yourself a break, either from work or the busyness of family life, makes sense. It is a necessary and regular requirement for optimal wellbeing.

At first glance, the thought may occur to you to take a walk outside, meditate, or indulge in some form of self-care. This particular article, however, will explore ways to give yourself a break mentally.

Since you cannot separate your body from your mind or your mind from your body, giving yourself a mental break is often more challenging.

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Control the inner voice

Here’s an example: You ate the cookie from the cookie jar. “Shame on you”, your inner voice pipes up. “You cannot stick to anything. No wonder you cannot fit into your jeans. And you expect to feel fab on the beach in your bikini?” it continues, incessantly.

This sinister, other-worldly voice disguises itself and slowly slithers its way into the very fabric of your being. It quietly waits for those tempting moments to poison your mind and etches away at any confidence and courage you have mustered up to this point.

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So, how do you circumvent this voice and give yourself a break? Here are three ways to do so:

1. Become an observer

Politely acknowledge the voice, notice your response, then move on. It is what we tell ourselves about what we are doing that creates the feeling about it. If you trained hard and want to indulge in a warmly baked cookie, go ahead and enjoy the cookie.

Give yourself a break. Simply recognising and bringing awareness to what you are feeling allows you to reframe the thought so that you can overcome any negative beliefs about it and shift your focus.

2. Be kind, loving, and gentle to yourself

Stop beating yourself up. Remember, you are an incredible being. Strong. Resilient. Capable. Sometimes you need a reset. Recognise that you can choose to start over at any given moment in time.

3. Listen to some uplifting music and move your body

When you change your physical state, it alters how you feel.

Challenge yourself to love, honour, and respect yourself more fully. This place of compassion and understanding will more easily prompt choices that better align with your goals and priorities, especially when leading up to a festive, hopeful, and fun-filled holiday season.

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