Bring your running shoe game up to speed with UA Flow Velociti Wind 2

Technology moves fast and runners’ demands constantly evolve, and UA understands the importance of meeting the athletes’ needs.

The Under Armour human performance and product development teams continue to create innovative solutions for runners to bring you the next generation of unparalleled performance running shoes.

With the help of UA athletes and brand ambassadors, the UA Innovation Lab in Baltimore and UA Human Performance Center in Portland, Under Armour continues to develop footwear based on key insights and learnings from years of experience and research.

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Experience light and effortless speed

Expanding Under Armour’s Flow running shoe collection that debuted in early 2021 with the UA Flow Velociti Wind, runners can now experience light and effortless speed with the updated second generation model.

With its disruptive all-in-one cushioning system, the UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 is ready to bring runners up to speed — literally.

The Flow Velociti Wind 2 features the same groundbreaking singular, ultra-responsive and long-lasting midsole compound as its predecessor.

The UA Flow cushioning platform eliminates the need for rubber on the outsole, drastically reducing the weight and giving runners the feeling of light and effortless speed — the feeling of the wind at your back.

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Disruptive design

UA Flow disrupts the design of a traditional running shoe with its lightweight construction. Completely eliminating the rubber outsole removes the 56-85 grams in weight it would typically add to a traditional running shoe.

UA Flow is the lightest midsole technology in UA’s current running lineup, bringing unparalleled lightweight cushion and long-lasting technology to the run category.

The foam has naturally sticky traction, which negates the need for traditional bulky overlays. UA Flow offers runners great energy return, amazing consistency and reliable durability that will keep you reaching for your new favourite pair run after run!

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Warp Upper + Tatami Stitch Heel

The UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 is designed for speed over longer distances and engineered to provide great responsiveness, energy return and grippy traction so you can run with confidence.

The new shoes feature the groundbreaking super-engineered upper solution, UA Warp, that adapts to the runner’s foot throughout their stride.

It features supporting tapes that act like seatbelts on the foot, placed precisely where our biomechanists found them to be most helpful for a runner. The tapes are in tension when you need them and relax when you don’t — eliminating any buckling and pinch points from traditional uppers built with continuous materials.

The UA Warp upper then moves in unison with the foot, supporting it in each step to help unlock performance by improving the efficiency of the foot-to-shoe interface in each stride. UA Warp locks you onto the UA Flow midsole without getting in the way of the foot’s natural movement.

New for the UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 shoes is the Tatami Stitch Heel: a premium solution that delivers a more consistent lockdown around the heel, a moulded EVA sockliner with added comfort and resiliency and cushioning for high-mileage performance.

Product DNA:

  • Weight: 236 grams
  • HTD: Forefoot 18mm, heel 26mm
  • Offset: 8mm
  • Connects to UA MAPMYRUN™: tracks and analyses your running metrics to help make you a better runner
  • Warp™ upper optimises containment with lightweight lockdown & allows maximum breathability
  • One-piece Flow midsole provides responsive & long-lasting cushioning
  • Flow technology eliminates the rubber outsole, creating a more lightweight & seamless ride on any surface
  • Outsole material is super-durable & increases ground traction

The UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 is available online https://underarmour.co.za/ and at UA Brand Houses across SA at R3,499.

Author: Pedro van Gaalen

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