Where’s your head at?

We all know what they about squatting, squat heavy, and squat often.

It’s a great approach to achieving the legs and booty you’re after but it can also result in injury if you fail to squat with proper form and technique. The perfect squat is more than just about your hips and feet.

The subject of head position is very seldom addressed. There are usually three options you’ll hear at the gym which include “eyes to the sky” approach, keeping your gaze straight ahead, or looking down. But which one is right?

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Neutral is BEST

According to experts, the best head position is forward-looking. This ensures that your neck and spine remain in alignment throughout the lift. The neutral head position greatly reduces the stress on the cervical spine during the squat, as well as other compound movements like step-ups, lunges, and deadlifts.

The neutral head position also allows the chest to stay upright and the trapezius muscles to remain under the bar, which enhances whole-body biomechanics.

How to achieve a neutral head position

To achieve a neutral head position, stand in an upright position with your gaze cast forward, then drive your chine backwards towards your spine. This may create a slight downward gaze with your eyes, but your neck and spine should remain in alignment.

This article was adapted from a Fitness magazine feature written by Werner Beukes and Pedro van Gaalan.



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