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And your winner is…

We’re delighted to announce that 26-year-old Busisiwe Mmotla – a qualified teacher from Soweto – is the 2019 USN Face of Fitness!

Not only is her look fresh and vibrant, but she also has a compelling story to share. Overcoming the challenges she faced through her disadvantaged upbringing, Busi has created numerous opportunities to build her profile and advance her career.

From winning the Miss Soweto crown in 2017 to taking a gamble and putting herself out there by entering the USN Face of Fitness a mere 5 months after entering a gym, she is proof positive that the right mindset and dogged determination can overcome any obstacle.

Busi now plans to leverage the fitness qualification she will earn from Trifocus Fitness Academy to launch the next phase in her career, with the hopes of supporting her family through her new-found success.

Overcoming challenges

As the youngest of seven siblings in a family raised by a single unemployed mother, Busi had to battle through life.

Living in a shack with an unemployed mother meant I couldn’t achieve everything I wanted, which crushed my confidence. I also had to learn to be responsible at a young age, but this also taught me the value of working hard to achieve what you want, which has served me well throughout my life.”

After matric, Busi struggled to get funding for university, but she never gave up and after two years of doggedly chasing her ambitions, she finally secured some financial support.

My mom worked hard to make ends meet and get me through varsity because my loan only covered costs like groceries in the fourth year.”

And it is this sacrifice that has inspired Busi’s dream of one day buying her mother a house as a token of her appreciation for all the support.

This dream motivates me and drives me on those days when I want to give up. It forces me to explore every opportunity presented to me and to work hard. I want to become a beacon of hope and prove that your circumstances are not your final destination.”

Busi’s fitness journey

Busi first turned to fitness as a means to manage her anxiety. “Having endured two abusive relationships, a stressful Miss Soweto reign and being unemployed, I needed something that would help me feel beautiful and worth it again.”

She found gym to be a healing space. “It offered me a release for pent-up emotions. It has only been 5 months since I started my fitness journey, but it’s the longest time I’ve been at peace. Fitness is my therapy.

Busi says she learned everything she knows about nutrition through her trainer, the internet, and following fitness influencers and engaging brands on social media like USN and Trifocus Fitness Academy.

I take the information I gather and mould it according to my fitness goals. I still fall off the wagon but I’ve learned to be patient with myself. Sticking to my goal of eating healthily is the key to success.”

And her ideal protein, fat and carb macronutrient ratio to achieve her goals? 30:30:40. “I feel this is the most balanced nutritional approach.”

Wake and shake

Busi has also discovered the important role supplements play in helping her improve her strength and boost recovery. Her plan includes:

  • USN BlueLab™ 100% Whey protein shake – in the morning before training, after her workout or before bed.
  • USN ALL9™ Amino during and after training.

Busi’s training split

  • 3 x weight training sessions a week
  • 1 x full-body HIIT session a week

I’m also a big fan of outdoor activities; I hike and do fun runs and walks with friends because I find it refreshing. Being around nature relieves stress, you forget about everything and feel like you are a new person, ready to overcome any challenge.”

What’s next for Busi?

I want to share my health and fitness knowledge with my community in and around Soweto through wellness panel discussions. I would, therefore, like to complete a nutrition course to teach people about the importance of healthful eating.

“I also want to teach people about fitness to remove the stigma that weight training means ‘bodybuilding’. I plan to start my own aerobics sessions and regular runs for my community to get them active, especially senior citizens.”

Ultimately, Busi wants to show more people that the greatest gift you can give yourself is taking care of your health and your body. “That’s what fitness is about. By taking this decision you can avoid many illnesses and add more years to your life to take care of the people you love.”

Author: Pedro van Gaalen

When he’s not writing about sport or health and fitness, Pedro is probably out training for his next marathon or ultra-marathon. He’s worked as a fitness professional and as a marketing and comms expert. He now combines his passions in his role as managing editor at Fitness magazine.

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