The Cathedral Peak Challenge

cathedral peak challenge

 01 June until 30 September 2018

Running from 01 June until 30 September 2018, the Cathedral Peak Challenge presents a wonderful opportunity to clear the concrete cobwebs and connect with one of South Africa’s most glorious mountains. 

Conceptualised by the owner of the Cathedral Peak Hotel, William Van Der Riet, The Cathedral Peak Challenge invites everyone who thinks they’re up to conquering the Peak’s summit to push and stretch themselves to overcome what was once thought impossible. What’s more, those quickest to the top and back will share in cash prizes totalling R100 000

The Cathedral Peak Challenge is not for the faint hearted! Whether you’ll be running or hiking, this is no ordinary trail. The 20.7km trip starts at the Cathedral Peak Hotel and goes right to the top and back, with a total ascent of 1531m.

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Author: Tanja Schmitz

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