[RECIPE] Choc-nut protein fudge bites

Choc-Nut fudge

Need a quick and easy recipe to help satisfy your cravings?

Well, we’ve got you! These no-bake, choc-nut protein fudge bites will take you no time to make and will keep your sweet tooth satisfied throughout the week!


  • ½ cup Biogen Plant Based Chocolate protein powder
  • ⅓ cup peanut butter or almond butter
  • 6 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ⅓ cup honey
  • ½ cup pitted dates
  • 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil

Black beans are packed with protein and are an excellent source of fibre. Their fudgy texture helps produce a healthier alternative to normal fudge.


  1. Add drained and rinsed black beans to a food processor or NutriBullet and blend till smooth.
  2. Add the Biogen Plant Based chocolate protein powder, nut butter, honey, coconut oil and dates to the black bean ‘paste’ and blend again, until well combined. If mixture is too dry, add a little almond milk and blend until thick smooth mixture is formed.
  3. Place mixture into a lined dish and place in freezer for around 3 hours or overnight.
  4. Cut ‘fudge’ into pieces and enjoy!
Dates are a great alternative to refined sugar, They are high in natural sugars which are complex carbohydrates that provide the body with energy.

Author: Logan Leigh Rix

Logan blends her passion and profession by working as a digital and social media marketer and content creator in the fitness, health and wellness industry. She’s also a former Face of Fitness finalist and Fitness Magazine featured athlete.

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