How Charlotte is fighting fat and inspiring others

In our special edition of the Summer 2018 Fatloss Magazine, we put out a call for women to share their fitness journeys with us, are they fighting fat or just in need of a lifestyle makeover. Whether they are starting out,  have a dream to change their lifestyles or are already busy inspiring other with their stories.

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Here posts says it best; “Quitting is not an option”


What was the defining moment that started your transformation journey?

This actually happened late last year 2017 when my family and I had to attend an event and non of my clothes fit me perfectly. I had to buy a new outfit just so I can be comfortable.

What are your goals?   Do you do smaller milestone goals or do you have that one big one?

I want to lose body fat. That is my main goal. I am not expecting a new body overnight – I do a lot of heavy weight lifting and some cardio/HIIT (1-3 times a week), but I know I carry a lot of body fat, so my focus is to work it off.

I would love to ditch size 38 and go back to size 34, be toned, feel lighter and be completely happy with my body.

What does your nutrition look like?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being good), I would say that I’m at 5. I say this because I eat clean half the month then eat badly the other half, but since I started the #Fatlossmagmybestyearever I have been watching what I put in my body because beliebe it or not I do know that I cannot out train a bad diet. I want to see visible change by my birthday in September – that will be a gift to myself.

What do you do for training?

  • Monday  – Legs (weight and machines) and cardio in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday  – Triceps and Chest ( I love bench pressing, doing cable cross flyes and overhead extensions)
  • Wednesday  – Abs and Biceps and cardio in the afternoon.
  • Thursday  – Shoulders and Back ( Lat pulldowns and cable rows are my fav)
  • Friday  – Legs and Abs ( I do legs twice because I’m bottom heavy) then in the afternoon I do HIIT for about 45 mins.
  • Saturday  – Full body workout
  • Sunday  – Rest day for me

My body may have fat that I need to shed, but whenever I train or flex I feel lots of muscle – that motivates me even more. I want to see my hidden body.

What advise do you have for other women that know they need/want to start?

You only have one body – love it – take care of it. If you are unhappy about something, in this case your body image or how you eat – do something about it – make a change for different positive results. have a realistic goal and work on it step by step. You are not perfect, so there’s a big chance you will make mistakes, but the secret is not to quit or stop, but to pick yourself up and keep going and it ends up being a lifestyle.

“You only have one body, #loveyourbody!”

She’s inspiring not only her fans on Instagram, but also getting her mom to move along with her:



Author: Tanja Schmitz

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