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Cover girl Laura Danielz

Laura Danielz is a prolific global fitfluencer, and a WBFF Diva Bikini Model Pro who recently made her return to the international stage.

With a credible 12th place in a highly competitive line-up, Laura is living proof that the life of a Pro athlete doesn’t need to be one of extremes. We share more on her unique approach in this exclusive interview… You can also read more about her in the Sept-Oct 2018 edition of fitness magazine, on sale now!

Her nutrition

Do  you get help from a nutrition coach to dial in your diet for fat loss?

Yes, I do. I believe that a coach is always necessary for moral support and guidance, whether that’s for business, life or sport. This was vitally important for my recent return to the international WBFF stage.

Do you eat the same food on the days you don’t train as in the days you do. 

I eat an extra portion of carbs after a workout, along with a protein shake. This varies between oats, fruit and sweet potato. I like to change things up so I can a range of nutrients from different food types.

What have you found has been the easiest way to stick to a diet, other than sheer willpower? 

I’ve found that making an effort to flavour food with herbs, good quality stock and spices makes a diet much easier to stick to because meals are so delicious. Cooking healthy food and presenting it in ways that makes it look appealing and appetising also helps a lot.

Staying on point with her training

What do you do on the tough days when motivation levels are low? 

This can be really hard, especially if I’ve had a stressful day at work. Usually I try and put systems in place that will motivate me, like packing out my workout clothes the night before, or putting photos of my goals on my phone background or fridge. These small things often remind me why I started in the first place. I also tell myself every day that if I win or lose, it is all up to me. Sometimes there is no motivation, so you have to just get it done, whether you like it or not. I also try and have the mindset of: I need to brush my teeth or I need to bath. If I didn’t I would walk around stinking every day. The same goes for training. If you don’t train and exercise, the health risks and implications are huge.

Do you change your approach to training from time to time? 

Yes, I do.  I find that my body adjusts quickly to the same routine and exercises. Changing things up also inspires me and helps me look forward to training. I usually change my rep range and the various types of cardio I engage in every 6 weeks or so.

What are you loving right now? 

At the moment I’m prepping for WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas, so I am enjoying the journey by pushing my body to the limit and getting results because of it.

Yay or Nay – what does Laura say?

Long steady rate cardio? YAY! I incorporate both long steady-state and HIIT cardio in my training.

Oats in the morning? YAY – I haven’t had any problems with oats in my eating plan, but I make sure to eat rolled organic oats.

Training in a crop top? YAY, but only when I feel confident enough to do so.

Burpees? YAY. While I would like to say NAY, they do the job well!

Gym selfies? YAY.  I do these a lot! I enjoy sharing my day and what I am busy with, as I find the feedback  helps to motivate me more.

Pre-workout nutrition? Yay – 45 minutes before training.

Intra-workout nutrition? YAY.  I use BCAAs when I train. In terms of energy and stamina, I can definitely see the difference when I don’t use it.

Post-workout nutrition? YAY. Immediately after my workout I drink a shake and eat carbs.

Grilled hake? NAY! Been there, done that way too many times. I will do anything to avoid eating hake, and there are much better fish choices out there!

Fat burners? NAY. If you are eating 100% correctly and training your butt off the whole year, then these are unnecessary, in my opinion.

Deadlifts? YAY. These are one of my favourite exercises for strength and lean gains.

CrossFit? NAY. While I think this kind of training is awesome and I am truly inspired by the athletes that do it, I prefer the type of training I do.

Sports massage? YAY. This is the best way to relax and recover.

Cheat meals? YAY. We are not machines. Also, life is short. But it’s a cheat meal, not a cheat day!

Early morning training time? YAY. 5:45am is best for me. I absolutely love training early in the morning. For some reason, on the days I do this, the rest of my day goes so well. It also has a positive effect on my well-being, which helps me feel like I’m in control,  and gives me a sense of achievement.

Training partner? Nay. I like to focus and prefer not to chat during my workout. If I do train with someone, I prefer my partner to be as dedicated as I am.

Running? Yay. I absolutely love running! However, I prefer road running rather than a treadmill session.

Social media? YAY! I feel this is a truly wonderful way to connect with family and friends, particularly those who don’t live in this country.

Active rest? YAY! You cannot beat that feeling of taking part in some outdoor activities, like hiking, walking on the beach, canoeing, or playing soccer with your friends.

EMS, tried it? YAY. I’ve tried it and enjoyed it. My muscles were definitely stiff the next day, but I unfortunately don’t have the time to get to this at the moment.

 Photography by Sean Levitt


Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You'll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.

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