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Ladies of Muay Thai: Meet #strongwoman Andrea Scheepers

Professional and amateur Muay Thai and MMA athletes will take to the hexagon at the Ultimate Warrior…

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USN Face of Fitness Farai gears up for stage dominance

The 2019 competitive Bikini season is about to kick off and our reigning USN Face of Fitness…

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How I started my own fitness business from scratch

By Genevieve van der Vyver Everyone wants to live the dream… to work for themselves to…

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Fitness fashion in focus: Every athlete’s favourite stage outfit is a 2-piece from Magic Bikinis

If you’ve stepped on stage to compete in a local Bikini or Fitness line-up, then you’ve been…

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Last Man Standing Team event preview

Written by Chante Piontek Last Man Standing (LMS) is a functional fitness event where athletes from…

Is it time to ditch the lycra? 5 reasons why wool is the ideal active fabric

Wool isn’t a fabric synonymous with ‘athleisure’ wear or workout apparel. In fact, you probably pictured your old,…

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Bootcamp business is booming

It’s an exciting (and lucrative) time to work in the fitness industry, if you have the right…

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5 tips to boost waning motivation levels

As we hit February that initial flood of motivation and desire to train has probably faded from its…


2 important lessons from the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games

The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games offered more than just an enthralling spectacle of strength, power and fitness….

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Feed your wanderlust with a fitness qualification

Those of us who are young and unrestrained by the responsibilities of ‘adulting’ often experience a strong…