5 steps to spring clean your diet

By Caralishious

Healthy, balanced eating doesn’t have to be complicated. What makes nutrition complex is that we have far too much food, or rather products that resemble food, to choose from.

Take your eating habits back to basics this spring, by keeping it simple, cutting out the packaged stuff and sticking to whole foods. Here are 5 ways you can spring clean your diet:

1. Stick to whole foods

Avoid pre-packaged options and stick to single-ingredient whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes, whole grains, proteins and healthy fats. These should form the foundation of your everyday diet. By simply swapping from quick fix meals to real, nourishing whole foods, you will feel lighter, more energised and your body will transform!

2. Cut the sugar and processed carbs

Sugar is addictive. It spikes your blood sugar levels, as does processed carbs, which leaves you feeling sluggish. There are hidden sugars in so many foods, so be sure to read your ingredient labels when doing your groceries. When it comes to carbs, get yours from vegetables, legumes and small portions of fruit. Avoid the processed, refined grains.

3. Order smart

When eating out or ordering in, it’s easy to opt for the most delicious (and sometimes least healthy) thing on the menu. While I’m all for treating yourself, I’m also all for tactics that help keep your nutrition goals on track. Check the menu and order the best of the generally poor choices on there.

4. Add veggies, to everything

Spinach in smoothies is a pretty common addition, but what about sweet potato brownies, or cauliflower scrambled eggs? Whether baking dessert, looking to beef up morning muffins or giving a healthy makeover to pancakes, sneaking these nutrient-dense foods into otherwise ordinary meals is a delicious (and smart) way to eat.

5. Eat mindfully

Stop scoffing down meals in front of our computer screens or TVs. Tune in to what you’re doing to become mindful of how our bodies feel. No matter how stressed you are, slow down, breathe between bites, and take note when you’re satiated. Odds are you’ll end up eating much less and will feel much better!

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