10 Top South African wellness fitfluencers to follow

Whether you scroll through your feed looking for motivation, workout ideas, recipes or wellness information, these 10 South African wellness influencers have you covered! 

Laura Danielz

Instagram: @lauradfit

Laura is a South African fitness model,  magazine cover model, WBFF Bikini Pro, athlete and healthy foodie. 

Why We Love Her

Laura has done it all – from competing on an international WBFF stage to authoring her own ebook. She specialises in healthy recipes to fit your diet and waistline (get your copy here). In addition to the recipes she freely shares with her audience, Laura also encourages her audience to live a holistically healthy lifestyle instead of falling for fad diets. 


Candice Bodington

Instagram: @candibod


Candice Bodington, better known as Cadibod, is a qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor, holistic blogger and creator of the Candibod Fitclub. 

Why We Love Her

It’s no secret that Candice is one of the leading wellness fitluencers in the country – that is quite evident looking at the holistic, educational content she creates and shares with her audience. Whether you’re struggling with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), or you want to learn more about how the foods you eat affect your hormones – Candice is your go-to girl! 


Isilda da Costa

Instagram: @izzy.fitness.pt


Isilda – our very own Fitness Mag Blogger – is a qualified holistic health coach, raw food nutritionist, personal trainer, women’s fitness specialist, blogger and health shop owner. 

Why We Love Her

Isilda’s passion for helping women achieve optimal health and wellness shows in the educational, informative content she shares on her social media platforms. Isilda herself suffers from Lupus – an autoimmune disease – and therefore dedicates all her time to educating women about health and wellness – specializing in holistic health. We love the workouts she creates – check out her leg day workout, here.


Andene Horne

Instagram: @healthygirl_with_a_sweettooth


Andene, better known as the #girlboss behind the Healthy Girl brand – also recently graduated as a certified integrative nutrition holistic health coach. She is a blogger, wellness influencer and motivational speaker.

Why We Love Her

What started as a passion for baking quickly turned into a successful wellness business for Andene. In addition to running a successful business, Andene inspires women across South Africa with her real and raw approach to social media, as well as her motivational talks aimed at inspiring women through honesty. Andene’s number one goal is to improve women’s health and happiness, and we love her for that. 


Lill Bianchi Kimble

Instagram: @Lill_Kimble

Lill is the head coach and owner of Off the Grid Athletic, a world champion powerlifter, deadlift world record holder, Fitness Mag contributor and overall badass who inspires women to get stronger.

Why We Love Her

Besides the fact that she is #StrongAF and a general badass (which is glaringly obvious when you look at her social media), we love that Lill says it like it is – no shortcuts and no lies. Not only does she inspire women to get strong through lifting, but she is breaking every stereotype when it comes to women in strength sports. She is the perfect example to all women who still believe that lifting heavy weights makes you look ‘manly’. 


Hlubi Mboya Arnold

Instagram: @hlubimboya1

Hlubi Mboya needs no introduction – not only is she a leading woman in business, entrepreneur and actress, but she is an extraordinary athlete; stepping on stage to compete, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and finishing the Absa Cape Epic. 

Why We Love Her

Hlubi represents a different kind of fit and healthy. Showing people that fitness can be enjoyed through various activities  like cycling, hiking, yoga and weight training. Her incredible energy and the passion with which she shares her message with the world cannot be ignored. She thrives on adventure and constantly applies herself to be better and achieve what most would be scared to attempt. 


Jordyn Muirhead

Instagram: @jordyns_channel


Jordyn is a health and wellness blogger and influencer – she is all about holistic health and healing your body through food.

Why We Love Her

For one, have you looked at her profile? The food-envy is real! The recipes she shares on her platforms not only look delicious but yes, they are healthy! Jordyn loves creating recipes with organic, healthy ingredients. We’re also enamoured with the educational info she shares about food and hormones, and how what you eat affects more than just your weight. Her workouts are also killer! 




Monique Lopes

Instagram: @monique.fit

Lifestyle coach, nutritional advisor, SWITCH instructor and athlete Monique Lopes is inspiring thousands of women across South Africa with her knowledge, educational content and her fiery personality. 

Why We Love Her

Monique started her journey into the fitness industry be stepping on stage and competing in Bikini Fitness shows (and won!). These days Monique’s on a mission to educate and inspire women across South Africa to live healthier lives and most importantly, to LOVE being healthy and fit. We love her high-intensity workouts, delicious recipes and her fiery, motivational personality that can get anyone up and at ’em! 


Cara-Lisa Sham

Instagram: @caralishious


Cara-Lisa is a health blogger, fitness enthusiast, wellness coach, yogi and founder of Caralishious Vegan Ince-Cream.

Why We Love Her

The yoga movement is increasing in popularity with more women taking on this practice as a means to stay fit and healthy, improve their flexibility and strength, and to find balance and manage stress. Cara-Lisa inspires women to become strong through yoga – physically and mentally. She shares her journey and knowledge unapologetically. And she’s the founder of Caralishious Vegan Ice-Cream – a win for all the vegans out there!



Mapule Ndhlovu

Instagram: @queenfitnass

Mapule is a personal trainer and fitfluencer impacting thousands of lives through her workouts and positive attitude.

“Fitness saved my life because it taught me from an early age important lessons about discipline, commitment and self-drive. I come from an area where fitness is not really a priority. Fitness gave me options to be healthier and happier, look and feel better and meeting people from all walks of life with a common goal of self-improvement.

More importantly, fitness allowed me to make a difference in other people’s lives. I want to represent fitness, be a positive voice in society and show people that fitness is not a “them thing” but an “us thing”.

Why We Love Her

Her workouts are fire, her attitude is contagious and she knows just how to get us motivated to never skip a gym session! Mapule is the queen of fitness in South Africa and there’s no stopping her. Her positive voice and presence in the industry changes lives through health and wellness and that’s something we can get behind!




Who inspires and motivates you?  Let us know! @fitnessmagsa

Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You'll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.