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Unicorn Fitness Box

Grab your share of fitness magic with the Unicorn Fitness Box

If you love surprises, fitness clothing, accessories and products, then you should definitely subscribe to the magical unicorn fitness box.

The Unicorn Fitness Box is a premium, subscription-based box filled with different apparel, products and accessories for women! The box provides you with local and international products that are new, innovative, tried and tested.

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Bounce Back

Bounce your way to a better body with Lisa Raleigh’s Rebound Programme

Think jumping on a trampoline is just for kids? Think again. Rebounding not only brings the fun back into fitness, it’s one of the best, low-impact exercises you can do for super-quick results. 

Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is one of the quickest ways to rebuild muscle mass and improve overall strength and fitness levels. This is because the body works twice as hard to defy gravity (as well as the forces of acceleration and deceleration) when bouncing on a mini trampoline, and this has an impact on every cell, muscle and organ in the body. In fact, NASA scientists discovered that jumping regularly on a mini trampoline (for just 10 minutes at a time), requires more effort than jogging or running but with no negative impact on the joints. The good news is, rebounding isn’t just reserved for athletes and astronauts, anyone can do it and reap the same benefits.

Find out more here.

Female Fresh

Four Ways Nike is Reinventing Women’s Sneakers

One thing that connects all women in sport is sneakers. As a performance tool and lifestyle accessory, the sneaker is a transcendent symbol of athletic and stylistic identity. Certain styles can also reveal the wearer’s soul by expressing their ethos and beliefs — especially when these intertwine with sustainable builds and materials.

All three of these elements — athletes, innovation and product — come together in 2018 as Nike initiates four new ways of thinking about sneakers for women. Here’s how this approach is beginning to shape up:

Expanding Sizes: 

Unisex sizing on select classic Jordan styles and collaborative collections such as Virgil Abloh x Nike The TEN recognizes the universality of sneaker culture and reduces the frustration of missing out due to size unavailability.

Unique Retail Experiences:

A curated selection of sneakers, inclusive of expanded sizes, innovative performance styles and iconic collaborations, presents a holistic view that forms the backbone of Nike Unlaced, NIKE, Inc.’s new sneaker destination for women.

Exclusive Services:

From personalized styling to VIP member experiences (including same-day delivery and exclusive hours), these services offered by Nike Unlaced are designed to increase connectivity and access to sneakers for women. For example, members will have the opportunity to arrange one-on-one appointments with guest stylists and take their prized selections home in specialized packaging.

New Voices:

As sneakers transcended sport and initiated street-style trends, collaboration became an integral component of sneaker culture, blossoming into a symbiotic relationship between brands and external creative communities.

That community has been predominantly male. However, in pushing new female voices, Nike is challenging the sneaker status quo.

These projects define the future state of footwear for women, where more curation and collaboration can be expected, but also an increase in female representation is poised to manifest new ideas not just for women but all sneaker enthusiasts.

Get Ready to SWEAT

Global fitness sensation Kelsey Wells launches new workout program PWR on the Sweat app

The world’s number one health and fitness app Sweat has recently collaborated with global fitfluencers Kelsey Wells to bring us PWR, a new gym-based weight training program designed to help women sculpt lean muscle and increase their overall strength. 

Kelsey has succeeded her personal health and fitness journey through her own motivation and has a powerful story that resonates with many women. Her passion for fitness is evident in her new program as she encourages women to lift weights without intimidation in the gym.

Following a new circuit style, PWR circuits comprise of activation, pyramid training, supersets and optional burnouts to ensure users really work up a sweat.

Try Kelsey’s new workout plan on the Sweat app. 

PUMA Gets On Point

PUMA Launches En Pointe Collection

How DO YOU stay motivated, how DO YOU inspire others? At PUMA, it all began with a simple conversation between their design teams and the dancers of New York City Ballet with the end result being PUMA’s En Pointe Collection. Consisting of satin sneakers, light sports bras and athleisure items the softly lit campaign was spearheaded by Selena Gomes earlier this year with her appearing in the ballet-inspired sneakers out of the dance studio and into her everyday on-the-go lifestyle.

More recently, local ambassador Nomzamo Mbatha travelled to New York City where she met with the New York City Ballet dancers for an exclusive En Pointe experience. Nomzamo, a strong female figure in her own right embodies the theme of En Pointe; to be uncompromising and unapologetically you, whilst inspiring others to DO YOU too.

With more PUMAxNomzamo news due soon, stay tuned to @PUMASouthAfrica on IG and Twitter.

Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You'll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.