The must-know facts about insulin

The Must-know Facts about Insulin

With so much talk around insulin, insulin resistance and the (scary) rise of diabetes, we thought it would be…

Your Body and Pregnancy

Your Body and Pregnancy

Five (unexpected) things that happen to your body when you’re pregnant, and how to manage them Congratulations, you’re…

insulin resistance

Insulin Resistance: How and Why it Makes You Gain Weight

More and more people are gaining weight, and battling to get rid of it. Insulin resistance is (increasingly)…

Vicky van der Merwe

Vicky’s 5 Tips To Stay Fit and Healthy

Vicky van der Merwe is one of South Africa’s top triathletes, and a TomTom ambassador.

5 Ways Your Insecurities Are Sabotaging Your Happiness

5 Ways Your Insecurities Are Sabotaging Your Happiness

The dictionary defines insecurity as “being unsure, unstable, shaky, apprehensive, or lacking in self-confidence”. According to The American Heritage Dictionary…

Balancing Fitness and Motherhood

By Kim Dolan Leto, international writer, fitness model and athlete (www.kimdolanleto.com) If you find yourself feeling…

4 Steps to a better you

4 Steps To A Better You

Setting your fat-loss focused goals and how to remain motivated to achieve them By Jen Jewell

Staying On Track With Your Goals

Haven’t stuck to your fitness goals? Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Simply re-commit to the resolutions you…

Without taking a holistic approach to this lifestyle you will never achieve the results you want.

5 Essential Motivational Movers

Stay motivated with these fitness essentials…. 1. Get assessed monthly Don’t just…