6 Spin Class Survival Essentials

Looking for a high energy, heart-pumping, music-bumping workout? Indoor cycling or Spinning, is one of the most popular and best low-impact yet high intensity workouts, leaving your metabolism soaring and endorphins buzzing, long after you’re off the saddle.

With specialised international boutique studios like SoulCycle and Cyc establishing cult-like followings since 2013, it was only a matter of time before this cardio craze made its way to South Africa.

Regardless of whether you choose to turn your resistance knob or not, Spinning’s killer workout calls for the most functional gear you can get, so grab a friend and gather your cycling swag. Here are six essentials to give you a boost on the bike.

1. Padded Gloves

Whether you’re resting, doing jumps (a quick up and out of the saddle), runs, or climbs, you should never put your weight onto your handlebars during a spinning class. A pair of Gelometrics Studio Gel Cushioned gloves by G-Loves, which are made from lightweight neoprene that is breathable and contours to your hand, helps to mitigate wrist pain, hand fatigue, and slipping during your workout. This places less stress on your hands and wrists so you can focus on activating your core and legs.

2. A Full Coverage Top

While in the saddle, you’ll be hinging at the hips and leaning over for just about the entire 45-minute session. A low-cut top may distract you from maintaining a good posture and pace, so rather go for a quality sports bra or top that will keep you supported so you can burn major calories with ease.

3. Compression Bottoms

Short shorts might work for Yoga or running, but aren’t worth the bunching and chafing in a spinning class. To avoid adjusting throughout the class, opt for compression-fit gear that are tight-fitting, moisture-wicking shorts or leggings.

4. Water

An elevated high heart rate causes lots of sweating, which means you’ll need to stay hydrated. Having a water bottle on hand is therefore a must. A drinking valve makes it easier to take a quick, one-handed drink that can be sealed and fit nicely back in your bike cup holder without leaking.

5. Gym Towel

Nothing cramps your style more in a spinning class than sweaty handlebars. Consider bringing a microfibre gym towel to hang over your bike’s handlebars to wick moisture away, and keep your hands in place.

6. Hair Band

No one likes their hair attaching itself to their sweaty brow. A simple, lightweight headband will help to secure your hair while helping to draw sweat away so your forehead stays dry(er).

Author: Pedro van Gaalen

When he’s not writing about sport or health and fitness, Pedro is probably out training for his next marathon or ultra-marathon. He’s worked as a fitness professional and as a marketing and comms expert. He now combines his passions in his role as managing editor at Fitness magazine.

One Comment

  1. Tracey Jones-Bolding ACIPD Reply

    Great advice but it would be best to go along to a class first with the basics before you go buying padded shorts, just incase SPIN isn’t for you & you don’t own a push bike…. shame to waste money.

    Personally I have been Spinning for a few years & have never used padded shorts, even in the beginning LOL! I would say the basics you need are above so just to draw them out without spending.

    I am thinking you already have gym gear :-)):
    1. Check out the SPIN Class in advance so you can see what it is like before trying & you can see how big the water holders are, get a bottle to fit that.
    2. A fitted vest that breathes, not low cut for Ladies as mentioned but this is better for Men & Women than an all over top as you will be HOT!
    3. A hankerchief (paper towel) you may well snigger but when I do SPIN I often need to blow my nose to help my breathing & you don’t want to have to use your towel!!
    4. Usually the cool down is quite swift so I always have a walk on the treadmill & do some extra yoga style stretches so you recover better & can train harder.

    As an important note, make sure you leave yourself PLENTY of time, at least 3 hours to be safe after eating a meal before doing a SPIN class or you might feel sick. A banana an hour or so before is good & hydrate before you need it (as with everything!)

    Enjoy x

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