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Stand a chance to WIN one of 5 Herbalife hampers, worth R3200. 

How to enter: Simply scroll to the bottom of this blog post, and comment on this blog how you’re planning to stay active and healthy this winter! Make sure to enter your email address (Your email address will not be made visible to the public)

Need some help with that answer? Check out these 6 ways to stay active and move more this winter

One Herbalife Hamper includes:

  • F1 Sport shake
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  • CR7 Drive
  • Hydrate
  • Liftoff
  • Gym ball
  • Yoga mat
  • Small gym bag
  • Cooler bag
  • Gym towel
  • Sports watch
  • H24 water bottle

Value of the giveaway: R3,200

Terms and conditions. This competition is open to South African residents only. The competition is open from 3 June to 18 June. Winners will be notified via email on the 21 June. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash, and not transferrable.

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Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.


Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You'll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.


  1. Pedro van Gaalen Reply

    I’m layering up and heading outdoors for my daily run this winter. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad running gear!

    1. Tinah Mashiloane Reply

      I’m definitely watching a lot of Chloe Ting on YouTube. Her work outs are absolutely amazing and I’ve seen results. Exercising definitely helps for me cause I work from home and can get a little lazy sometimes.

    2. Nikki Cox Reply

      Cliche as it is, it’s what I live by…you never regret the workouts you’ve done & Action precedes Motivation!

      1. Zimkhitha Reply

        Im in june, my last month in my second quarter this year, the quarter is my first stage of building my muscles and mostly focused on my stomach. I,’ve been working my way up from my legs, june is the last month. From July-September, I will include my arms, shoulders and my back, will be on my second stage of building my muscles, full body workout. My last quarter Oct-Dec is aimed at shaping, toning, and bulking to shape areas like my upper chest back and shoulders, to create that hourglass shape.

    1. Lorraine Reply

      Since it’s too cold in the mornings am planning to train in the afternoon 5 to 6 days a week targeting different body muscles each day.
      And also trying to eat clean every day.

    2. Karabo Reply

      Truth be told. Winter is the best time to start working on your body. I wake up at 6am and go for jogs. Then eat clean and drinking water. Training 4 times and resting when needed. And I’m honestly just trying to be the best version of myself

  2. Morè Seroke Reply

    Eat ALL the fruits in season, visit the gym 5 times a week and play some sunday football with some friends

    1. Celeste Kholeka Magwebu Reply

      I have partnered up with my friends to do early morning workouts at 06:00 on the rooftop. These are truly great for improving productivity during the day since winter days are a bit lazy. Also a bonus for our immune system in this pandemic. We drink our F1 shakes both for healthy gains and they are great!

  3. Takalani Matshili Reply

    It’s very cold and it’s not easy to wake up. But since I should be at work by 6am.i wake up 30min before my time to wake up preparing for work. Monday to Friday, do 30min cardio. Then later at 5pm start running for and hour. And of course eating healthy and keeping it clean. Weekends do my morning run for an hour and 30min cardio

  4. Thea Leukemans Reply

    Currently i am exercising indoors in my living room. Mostly youtube resistant and cardio sessions. If i feel a bit lazy im on the eliptical watching Grey’s 😉
    Already lost 4kg and switching to keto soon!! 12kg still to go🙌

  5. Thuto Reply

    Training 5-6 days a week, eat my veggies and protein and not forgetting my meal replacements for when I don’t have time for a proper meal.

  6. Kels A Reply

    Still continuing with my healthy lifestyle and maintaining gym 5 times a week and cycling over the weekend

  7. Sipho Mabaso Reply

    I plan on not breaking my current schedule… HIIT 4 times a week and eating clean as much as possible. I have also had to drink warm water (It’s freezing :)) as I can’t afford excuses.

  8. Nosipho Mashaba Reply

    This winter I am taking back control of my fitness and dream body by committing to run 3 times a week and gym twice. Also want to start my healthy frozen food busines I have already started meal prep for myself.

  9. Denise Schutte Reply

    Have a set training program so know exactly what to do when (or I’ll be procrastinating 😂)… And I took a before pic…. Biggest motivation yet… Goal date is 1 December, so have enough time to try and lose the last of the mommy-bulge that just does not want to budge 🙄

  10. Ericah Mlazi Reply

    Weekdays: 5 min warm Cardio plus strength training
    Weekends : trail
    Clean eating throughout winter

  11. laurens Gerber Reply

    Every fitness expert/friend etc tells me the same thing “summer bodies are made in winter”. I have had a terrible time since lockdown hard set me back with my health/fitness/well-being.

    These are my tips and what I am planning to do this winter:

    1. Drink warm winter teas with antioxidants, and buy a variety. ( I double bag one green tea and one rooibos as an example)

    2. Take a multivitamin

    3. Follow an exercise regime, go to the gym and do some HIIT fitness classes or online classes and challenge yourself both physically and mentally. I am going to the gym but its a small gym and I go on off hours so much less covid risks. I am also starting some classes.

    4. Add ginger, garlic and chilli to your foods, natural things can really help eg: cinammon on your oats (helps to lower cholestral) I do these things often throughout winter.

    5. Make warm healthy soups filled with chicken and greens and goodness

    6. My top tip to get into the ultimate level of health in winter is to SUPPORT OUR LOCAL FRUIT AND VEG SELLERS, the whole country is filled with fruit and veg sellers on the side of the road by shopping centres and on street corners looking to sell fruit and veg at AFFORDABLE prices. Instead of paying more in shops and having to stand in queues GET TO KNOW your local fruit and veg sellers not only can you get bags of fruit and veg for affordable prices and its convenient but you are also supporting local South

    7. I have a small bike I use at home during winter some days , I put it infront of the TV when I watching Netflix.

    8. I constantly read up on health stuff and speak to friends and get advice from my friends in the fitness and health industries 🙂

    9. I eat foods high in Omega-3 during winter time especially, so I try eat tons of different fish dishes.

    10. I walk up and down shopping malls and go “window shopping” the bigger the mall, the better 🙂

  12. Vela Mnguni Reply

    I plan on shedding weight by having meal replacements instead of Magwinya and snoek😁. Running and cycling alternatively. And doing some homework outs. And drinking lots of water

  13. Zonke Reply

    Weekdays : cardio (warm up) & strength training
    Weekends : trail
    Plus eat clean, drink lots of water & stay positive

  14. Barbara Davies Reply

    I will start off my morning with at least 20mins of exercise before starting work everyday. I also intend to join online programs that I can join in the comfort of my home. Eating healthier is also an important priority for me.

    1. Clarissa Sciocatti Reply

      I’m fortunate to have my pup remind/force to take her for her daily jog. That’s how I am staying fit.

  15. Andrea Naidoo Reply

    So I bought myself a treadmill during lockdown. I started running in my lunch breaks and then every time I needed a pick me up, I would run for 15 minutes or so. I intend to keep running, and start online Yoga classes in the evenings. I think many people are looking for comfort, but once you push past that comfort zone, you’ll find energy you never knew existed. I am loving it.

  16. Stephanie Morton Reply

    I’ve realized that exercise actually warms me up in winter. So I make sure I get to gym mid morning and get moving – it definitely makes me feel better. If I can’t get to gym I do a YouTube workout in my lounge. I also add a bit of boiling water to my water bottle so it’s not as cold.

  17. Andria Mackinnon Reply

    I will be sticking to a workout plan I am currently on. This plan involves resistance training as well as cardio like walking, running etc. I will also be focusing on what I eat because I will eat as healthy as I can be. I also have workout equipment like a foam roller and body ball which will help me stay fit. At times I may go hiking or simply stretch for one day as stretching is also vitel for your health.

  18. Louise Schoeman Reply

    I’ll be staying fit by doing lots of swimming sessions in a heated pool and staying healthy with lots of vegetable soup!

  19. Chantel Croukamp Reply

    Joined a bootcamp with some girl friends so we can motivate each other to push through the winter while having fun together

  20. Martie Goosen Reply

    Hey Fitness Freaks….

    Staying healthy and fit in winter…. easy peasy…. healthy eating – lots of soup and healthy veggies. Amazing 21 day challenges all over for that extra support and run run run…..who cares about the cold…layer up and run🤸‍♀️


  21. Devin Sikhanyiso Reply

    I bought myself an elliptical a couple months ago. I break my workout into 2 parts. In the morning I run outside and in the evening I’ll do 30 minutes on the elliptical combined with 30 minutes of weight and resistance training. I plan on eating a Mediterranean diet high in fiber, protein and healthy fats. Lots of hot water and tea! I feel good about myself

  22. Lindelwa Nogwina Reply

    I will keep active by continuing with my home workouts and taking walks during the day to be active and not sit on the desk all day.

  23. Grace Tawane Reply

    I have recently started logging my meals and keeping track of my calorie intake, I plan to keep doing that going forward especially now in winter. Since it’s cold now, it’s important to keep moving…my early morning online training sessions keep me doing that. Up my water intake, keeping them warm will help me through the winter days eg. Lemon water, green tea. I also intend on upping my weight training, lift heavier than I do currently

  24. Khensani Shikwambane Reply

    First and foremost I’ll make sure that my immune system is supported to carry me through winter. So will be loading my Vit C, Zinc and Multivitamins.
    Still train 6x a week (combo of strength, resistance training and cardio) with my one of my cardio days being replaced by swimming
    Ensure I have protein intake immediately after my work out and my meals for the duration of winter will have an increase of veges and soups to help be stay away from craving warm hearty meals like pap and stew😊

  25. Ameera Campbell Reply

    I’ve been fortunate to have met a lady online who enjoys training sessions , just 30 minutes gets us all in a calorie burning zone in the comfort of our homes, kids & all. Will also try to limit sugar intake , with the help and aid of this prize, things could be easier, helpful…

    Thank you. 💚🤍 herbalife

  26. Ameera Campbell Reply

    Indoors, fitnessmagsa also offers online sessions , it’s free, so what’s your excuse… taking full advantage of it too…

  27. Sinalo Mcetywa Reply

    This winter I’m planning to hike more and get some much needed fresh air while exercising. I will training in the afternoons as it has gotten a bit challenging to wake up earlier than normal . I’m planing to incorporate a lot of veggies on my meals and drinking Luke warm water as it has gotten a bit challenging to finish my 2l intake when it’s cold

  28. Ivana Botha Reply

    To stay active this winter I have joined bootcamp and my gym and starting training with a trainer from tomorrow morning at 5am 😬🥶 I think it’s going to be tough but so worth it in the end 😁💪🏻

  29. Courtney Gillman Reply

    Healthy and fit in winter! Wow sometimes I feel like in winter I workout less and eat more, I want to sleep like a bear and nibble all day!!!
    But this winter it’s different, I want to feel good in my own skin, I want to be “summer ready” all year round. I’m aiming to lift weights in my garage and squat until my legs are wobbly, run at least 3 times a week and hopefully pick up some partners on the way. I love meeting new people who want to be healthy and move too! I’m using winter to hide in baggy clothes and achieve a mad body for summer. I’m a mom, I’m struggling to find balance and lose some extra weight but I’m so lost when it comes to how many calories I need… I’m trying to learn as I go and my goal is to be the best version ogf myself asap. I’m giving myself a deadline and I’m changing my mindset to love the journey and turn it into a lifestyle.

  30. Reabetswe Ntshabele Reply

    Recently started seeing a biokinetist for my knee injury, and I’ve definitely regained my momentum to workout, now that I’ve learnt safe ways to do so while healing. How I’m planning to keep fit and healthy this winter is take my rehab workouts to gym with plan on using weight training to improve my muscle strength and of course look good😁. I have already started on spinning as my new alternative for cardio and will be starting swimming soon, mixing it up so I don’t get bored and give into winter hibernation. On days when I am unable to hit the gym, I will be using resistance bands and weights I have to continue with my home program. And… can’t forget about eating clean, have full, healthy meals to curb all those unhealthy cravings. My current motivation is 2 things, get my knee back to its optimal function and get fit enough to be back on the mountains, planning to hike lenana peak on Mount Kenya beginning of spring💪

  31. Rene Richter Reply

    I am going to make the most of this cold weather. Keeping active is alot easier when it’s not too hot and the body works hard to get warm. Bad habbits gets formed by not being consistent and i strive for reaults in always being healthy and active. I focus on good nutrition to sustain the busy schedule and Herbal life is a great source of nutrition for that purpose. I believe if the e body is healthy so is the mind and everything around it. Healthy season here we come.

    Much love and warm wishes.

  32. Kaylin Reply

    Grabbing my accountability exercise buddy for those strength workouts during the week and putting on my takkies for long runs and hiking on weekends. Finding healthy alternatives for comfort foods and drinks like hot chocolate is a big must together with focusing on discipline instead of motivation especially in this cold weather!

  33. Daleen Reply

    I do get up at 4 in the mornings to go to gym I want to look good in a bikini when I want to go to the beach in Summer time again.

  34. Kiara Steward Reply

    I’m going to take out my gym clothes for the next day the night before so I have no choice but to go! I’m going to watch motivational videos in in order to remember and keep the bigger goal in mind!
    I’m going to remember why I started and get summer body ready, for my physical and mental health!

  35. Fazeelah Bucks Reply

    I love to sign up for virtual races. It keeps me motivated especially if it’s for a good cause. As a stay at home mom I get very busy at home but I make sure I set a time for my scheduled runs & no matter what keep to it even if it means I have to do it a little later.

  36. Nicci Zeidler Reply

    My main goal to stay healthy this winter is ensuring I keep my goals sustainable, simple, realistic and enjoyable. As the cooler weather is here it is obviously harder to stay away from comfort foods and not exercise but by creating simple fun exercise plans and meals that are healthy yet comfortibg I will be able to sustain it longer.

  37. Tia Rohlandt Reply

    Hitt’ng Metafit x 1 workout, AeroBX x 2 and 1 run each week.Drinking water, reducing food portions and adding protein snacks. I am not letting myself go in Winter.

  38. Lucy Menezes Reply

    During this difficult time of Covid, as gym is on and off due to Covid numbers, and train from home where need be, my main thing is to ensure that my head is in the right space. Eat healthy, tracking my training and eating, remember why I am doing this, connecting with like minded people often. Mobility and stretching needs to become a priority for me as well as focusing on recovering as I like to push my body to its limits. I enjoy strength training, boxing and functional training.

  39. Wicus Hattingh Reply

    Hi, this winter will stay active using spinning bike, and mountain bike if the days are nice, also have skipping rope and resistance bands.

  40. Felicia Williams Reply

    I started doing work outs in my home instead of going out and doing jogs because it’s really cold these days and I have room temperature water instead of bottled iced water.

  41. Liezl Preis Reply

    To keep on doing my early weight training session, followed by my Herbalife breakfast formula and tea, and end my exercise session with brisk 5km walk. Awake and energized!! Absolutely Love Herbalife products!!

  42. Roxane Kruger Reply

    By working out at home as well as trying out some Muay Thai for something new.. Eating healthy and filling my body with more nutritious meals is definitely the way forward.. Summer bodies made in winter 😁🙌🏽💪🏽

  43. Nikita Wolmamrans Reply

    Lucky I have amazing friends, we keep each other accountable and we also encourage each other ❤️
    There is literally no better feeling when working out than strong woman supporting each other no matter size or strength. And of course journalling progress and sticking to healthy meals are also key and following great tips from Logan on your blogs 🤗

  44. Monique Rita Teixeira Reply

    The key to staying active and healthy this winter is setting goals and taking action. Despite the cold, I have remained focus. It’s mind over matter! You have to nurture the process.

    1. Maintaining a healthy immune system by eating well balanced, nutritional meals and staying hydrated.

    2. Essential multivitamin intake.

    3. Dedicating 2 hours a day, 6 days a week to a combination of cardiovascular and weight training.

    4. Ensuring adequate sleep – minimum of 7 – 8 hours.

    5. Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation – pray, meditation, breathing techniques and body massages.

    My body, my temple – I have to live in it!🙏🏻❤️

  45. Paul Snyman Reply

    Walk as much as I can, go ride my MTB every weekend. Take the stares instead if the elivator… all the small things that add up 🤩💪

  46. Carol Stemmet Reply

    Well this winter i am going strong took already my before pics and weighed myself again. Doing my gym time sometimes 3 times a day a d other 2 times a day 1hour long. Making smoothies it the best option when i get home from gym. Love my fruit and making a delious soup for me aswell. Lost this autum 10kg and 10kg must come off this winter. Doing it with a friend thats motivate me and my kids are so proud of me because can do more stuff with them. Doing kangos and bungees aswell now and love this excersices so much. This would help me so much this prize to get through a weekend when i am at home. Love the change i see and love myself again

  47. Thandeka Reply

    The plan is to enter all herbal life challenges to avoid slipping and falling off the wagon,otherwise this lifestyle is one I’ll never leave,especially during these times… whether its squatting during bathroom breaks or stairs at work,the plan is to get fit don’t quit!!!

  48. Khanyo Mdwayi Reply

    I plan on contuining with eating clean and with what I was doing in summer but be a bit strict with myself this season.I love running so I will keep doing that and Sundays I do long runs with a buddy of mine and once in 2 week we run 5km as warm up and climb 150stairs for 40 mins in Bluewater Bay.What I also love doing is doing strength training I’m currently working from home still which am grateful for so much it gives me more time to work on my body, I wake before 6 and start my workout before taking my son to creche. I workout twice a day in other weeks when I finish working @4.

    In the morning I would run my 7km then afternoon I would have leg day following day would run same distance and do my arms and core in the afternoon and I would continue doing that for about 3days then I would take day to recover then continue on weekends just doing my runs only and if there’s bad weather I just stick to doing my strength training.

    I plan on not forgetting to take my collagen fuel prework on my workout days then use normal Collagen on my recovery days. I also use Amino acids to recover faster and use Whey protein for those muscles not forgetting to drink my water to flush all toxins. I workout 5 or 6 times a week for maximum of 1 hr, I plan on continuing with that as they say summer bodies are made in winter.

  49. Fezile Gwala Reply

    Staying Fit and Healthy this winter!

    Well I sneak in exercises into my daily routine, a quick stretching session after waking up with a couple of exercises to wake up the body, taking stairs instead of escalators has also been one of my favorite things to do this winter.

    I walk short distances to cover my daily steps goal.

    I do meal prep on weekends to cover my calorie intake and maximize time during the week so I don’t fall into a “cheat meal” trap 😂.

    I do home workout weekly challenges from one of my faves on Instagram and that assist a lot, so even if I don’t go to the gym I still get the work done and my 20% IN.

    I drink a lot of water to stay HYDRATED while at IT… so NO GYM, NO PROBLEM.

  50. Gugulethu Reply

    I’ve always wanted to reach my own fitness goals and I’ve struggled to be consistent with nutrition not only because I’m not educated on which to use but because some supplements are very expensive to purchase worse when you dont have a source of income. If I win this hamper I would literally change my life instantly as I’d have motivation, nutritional support and new body goals.

  51. Saronda Fillis Reply

    My main goal this winter is to stay active and to avoid consumption of unhealthy calories. It’s so easy to succumb to comfort food especially in this season! I stay active by layering up and mixing it up with a 30-40 minute walk as often as I can. I enjoy keeping track on my apple smart watch, the goal reached notification is a good motivator. I also have a yoga mat on which I do my squats and leg lifting and the occasional plank. It’s hard, but that feeling of content and accomplishment afterward it all is so worth it. 💪 A dear friend of mine once told me that “If you feel good on the inside you look good on the outside, and if you look good on the outside you feel good on the inside”. This too keeps me going mentally.

  52. Lynne Morland Reply

    20 min jog every morning as I am lucky to be working from home and use my stairs if its raining, I need to keep active as I have put on lots of weight since covid. #HerbalLife

  53. Mosima Maikanyo Chuene Reply

    30 minutes jog for 4 days a week and yoga twice a week are my go to routines. A little goes a long way. #fitness #fitnessmag

  54. Lameez Williams Reply

    I do some exercise in the house, then I go and work out the steps outsides and love to do floor work outs for my stomach

  55. Carol Stemmet Reply

    My life change to the better after i was told i was ugly and fat and no one want me but then i started to gym 3 times a day 1hour long 6 times a week. I lost 10kg sofar and feeling so much worth in me. Eating more greens and making smooties with fruit and yogurt. Love my new execise kangos and bungees. The new exerc9se in south africa. Ist so much fun. My kids are so proud of me because i can do thing with them and not worry to get out of breath. Stil 10 to 12 to loose but wil get there. My mind is right and this would help me so much on weekends and night time when i feel i need this. I am who i am i am enough. It me againts myself now and will always be. Love my new self.

  56. Reshoketswe Mothibi Reply

    Firstly i will make sure that i am warm because the cold can get one a little bit lazy to go out and workout. When my warm workout gear is ready then I’m good to go even though a few items will go as the work begins, then make sure that i get the right nutrition, researching always helps so i have already found some healthy warm meals recipes to keep me healthy and warm at the same time, remind my self daily why i started the journey so that whether it’s cold or not we have to keep going. Have a workout program that will also keep me accountable.

  57. Samantha Delomoney Reply

    With a busy work schedule and a 5year old I am only doing 30min a day indoors and then trying to eat clean. It’s not easy in Winter

  58. Zimkhitha Reply

    Im in june, my last month in my second quarter this year, the quarter is my first stage of building my muscles and mostly focused on my stomach. I,’ve been working my way up from my legs, june is the last month. From July-September, I will include my arms, shoulders and my back, will be on my second stage of building my muscles, full body workout. My last quarter Oct-Dec is aimed at shaping, toning, and bulking to shape areas like my upper chest back and shoulders, to create that hourglass shape.

  59. Nondumiso Mudanalwo Reply

    As a varsity student, online learning has forced me to spend more time sitting in front of a computer and being inactive. This Winter I am planning on swoping the overly processed non-nutritionous products with real food, fruits and veggies. I will also be using everyday activities as windows of opportunities to be more active. For example, Each time I use the microwave, I challenge myself to see how many jumping Jack’s I can do within that period. I also do squats while brushing my teeth in the morning. It sounds weird, I know😂 But it’s the small daily changes that ultimately lead to stunning results.

  60. Dominique Mulholland Reply

    Running at 5am, dressing warmly and joined by our ladies running group! Hiit classes three times a week and a bit of golf and yoga whenever I can – but the best exercise are walks with my two kids, those are the best and never miss them.

  61. Yasmin Atcha Reply

    By keeping up with my daily workouts.
    I go to the gym twice a week and the other 5 days, I do home workouts with Caroline Girvan on YouTube. with winter here you need to focus on your daily routine as you can become demotivated with the colder weather.

  62. Zee Harwood Reply

    I’ll be keeping fit this Winter by attending some pilates classes, running and enjoying my Herbalif berry shake

  63. Musa Situngu Reply

    At least 6KM jog four days a week.
    Hiking / doing stairs on weekends.
    Skipping rope jump on rainy days
    80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise.

    I have an emblem called NEW START:
    W FOR WATER ( stay hydrated) so i drink at least 2L of water daily.
    S for Sunshine. During my tea break at work i expose myself to the sun on sunny days.
    T For TEMPERANCE in all things you do be Temperate.
    A FOR AIR… i do cardio to enhance my breathing Capacity.
    R FOR REST rest is also an important aspect of health
    T FOR TRUST IN GOD! I believe♥️


  64. Theo van Stryp Reply

    I love hitting the gym early mornings to get a good start to the day and I go cycling with my bestie on Sundays

  65. Rene Kruger Reply

    My goals are set and I have already taken action.
    Accountability buddy is showing up daily for our workout session – thank goodness for that.

    Taking the necessary supplementation to support my immune system, eating well balanced meals and to give more attention to hydration.

    Get enough sleep – minimum of 7 – 8 hours.
    The body needs rest it to restore in order to function at it’s optimal.

  66. Lee-Ann Rossouw Reply

    The first thing is to get the right gear for training outside. Woolen socks, gloves and thermal under clothes to begin with. Next will be planning the days around loadshedding and work. Nothing throws me off track faster than a disorganised day. Once the ‘admin’ is out of the way its a case of getting out there and achieving the goal for the day and then posting it on my ride group for motivation and encouragement. By the time Spring is here I would like be riding consistently at least 4 days a week for 30 to 60 minutes a session as I want to compete in another 5km ride before the end of 2021.

  67. Megan Hunter Reply

    I’m staying fit by going to my Metafit classes, & also walking my dogs. These #COVIDCurves need to go now

  68. Malebo Makgale Reply

    I have joined 5 am zoom bootcamp (5 × a week), run 10km on weekends. Keep hydrated throughout the workout, refuel after workout and eat healthy foods throughout the day. The group keep me motivated to wake up early in this cold weather.

  69. CLEO HELM Reply

    I will be joining challenges to make sure I am motivated to workout at least 5 days a week. It helps on so many levels, from mental to physical!

  70. Nondumiso Mudanalwo Reply

    This winter I am planning on swopping
    the overly processed non-nutritionous products with fruits and vegetables. I will be joining runners of hope for morning runs to ensure that I am active.

  71. Rebecca Moumakoe Reply

    Am saying yes to this blog as it has taught me a lot when it comes to nutrition and doing different kinds of exercises. I have recently graduated as an Aerobics Instructor, the blog assist me in giving a good class, giving healthy advice to my team and learning new things every day.

    It assist me in choosing great workouts, the attire that is suitable for doing those workouts and I am able to plan my class schedules and diet for my clients through herbal life products.

    Am working on myself and others to improve our lifestyle and increase our life span in choosing natural products. I want to be the best instructor and get funding to take all that I learn from this blog to my poor community.



  72. Theresa Azevedo Reply

    Summer Bodies are made in WINTER!

    I’ve never understood that phrase until I read an article wherein it states that the body has to work harder to warm up while training and as a result, burns more fat to achieve that SO I’m putting that theory to the test.

    I have a no-nonsense gym partner, who motivates me to get up and GO. When I say I’m not feeling it today, she’ll respond with, “I guess a healthy lifestyle isn’t important enough for you” – yes’ it’s a guilt trip but it’s effective!!!

    I’m staying healthy with a variety of soups to ward off the winter-hibernation-snack-attack and I’ve already lost 1.2kg’s!!!

    Chocolate cravings are my Achilles heal…protein balls or a tablespoon of peanut do the trick and ZAP that craving in it’s tracks. Crisps…not a problem…POPCORN is the perfect substitute…

    Best of Luck to all you ‘SUMMER BODIES’ out there – we’ll be rocking in our bikini’s come December 2021! 🙂 #HERBALLIFE

  73. Charlene Eksteen Reply

    I double on gym/group classes which means less thinking for me, a set time and people to keep me accountable.

  74. Baloetsi Mochaka Reply

    I had just signed up a gym membership and maintain the fitness I had before I had covid19 and been struggling with health since then but now feeling whole lot better and trying to use gym to overcome death of two people dearest to me. I am doing mostly cardio and legs, upper body I always get fit with less than little effort. I also discovered the magic of hot and cold shower after working out. I am so excited it’s like I just discovered fire or something. I just can’t wait for going to the beach and show off my best work during summer days.

  75. Devin Sikhanyiso Reply

    I have always enjoyed working out so winter is definitely not a challenge for me. This winter I just want to get in shape for my birthday which is in two months time and I’m really passionate about that… I believe in setting short-term goals and being excited about achieving those goals.

    I’m looking to lean out, mostly on my arms, core, legs and face. I’m looking to also build cardiovascular endurance.

    In order to reach my goals I am working out 5 to 6 days a week for an hour every day. I like to switch between steady-state cardio, high-intensity circuits and dumbbell resistance Workouts. I feel like that has worked for me and that’s what I enjoy doing the most

    Winning this hamper would honestly mean so much to me because I’m so passionate about fitness and this would just push me harder and motivate me even more to achieve my goals

    Also it would be a great birthday present😉

  76. Marnia Reply

    A self-accomplishment reward will look different for everyone. It might be a day or two off after three consecutive days of sticking to your plan, the new running shoes after you ran your first 10k or that post-run coffee. Mine is a cold beer after my weekend long run. Nothing beats that! Most importantly, I reward myself for the big achievements, but also the baby steps!

  77. Ncumisa Kembele Reply

    Staying active and healthy is the new norm. To maintain or improve my health, I aim for 150 minutes per week or at least 30 minutes on all or most days of the week – of moderate physical activity. Moderate activities are ones that I can talk—but not sing—while doing, such as brisk walking or dancing. I enjoy them so much. These activities speed up my heart rate and breathing. Also to stay inspired and motivate through out together with a small group of other superstars! 😀

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