Mushrooms feature image

Study suggests mushroom extract may help clear cancer virus

Researchers studying immunity in cancer patients have found that supplementing with a powerful extract from the shiitake mushroom…

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Don’t let DHT wreak havoc on your head

DHT. These three little letters may seem innocuous, but they represent a powerful hormone that can wreak havoc…

Feature Image Go on the gym germ offensive

Go on the gym germ offensive to avoid nasty bugs this winter

Sniff. Sneeze. Splutter. Cough. If that’s the soundtrack you’re training to at your local gym, it means…

Menstrual cycle

How your menstrual cycle affects your training

Do you feel like your body is at the mercy of your menstrual cycle? Is…

energy boost

6 Ways to boost your energy to burn more calories

Our daily energy needs are predominantly met by the calories contained in the food we eat. But when…

featureImage NPL-Collagen-Carni-Lean

Get more collagen from your diet to age gracefully

Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but production begins to decline after our mid to late 20s. That’s when visible…

High fibre diet

Studies confirm, high-fibre diet improves longevity

Two new studies show a high-fibre diet helps counter chronic disease and contributes to longevity. In the latest…

Rooibos treatment of CVD

Scientists Reveals Rooibos’ Potential To Curb Heart Disease

Cardiologists from all over the world could soon prescribe Rooibos as part of the therapeutic approach to tackle…

Blood iron levels

Ironing out the facts about iron deficiency & anaemia

The body needs iron to produce haemoglobin – the key oxygen carrying molecule in red blood cells (RBCs)….

digital detox

Your phone is wrecking your fitness regimen

Social media updates, instant messages, email, memes and videos. Our days are punctuated by a seemingly endless…