Revealing the brand new adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoe

Partnering with the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory, adidas continues to drive innovation with their latest running shoe – the Ultraboost 20.

Just like each part of a space shuttle has a very specific purpose, so to with the adidas Ultraboost 20. Each element of design has been to maximise performance, allowing athletes to reach results that are out of this world.

The Ultraboost 20 is the result of countless hours of research, relentless testing in the adidas lab, as well as feedback from thousands of runners; making this the most complete running shoe on the market.

From take-off to landing, runners can initiate control with a shoe that exactly calibrates foot support to fully unleash the explosive energy of boost.

Beyond integrating aerospace grade technology with the adidas Ultraboost 20 and as part of the ground-breaking long-term partnership, adidas will send Boost technology on a mission up to the ISSIn space, the scientists will study the BOOST molding process without the distraction of Earth’s gravity, so adidas can unlock the future of boost. Say goodbye to gravity with adidas.

Available at adidas concept stores, and on ecom from 6th December 2019, at R2999. 

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Author: Gary Fairweather


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