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#5 Golden rules of the Hollard JUMA

The Hollard JUMA is turning five years old this year! That’s five years of thrills, hills, and urban adventure but also five years’ worth of skids, grazes and flat out bails. But like a wise old sensei, we got back in the saddle and compiled a list of all the things we’ve learned over the years – and now we’re passing that list down to you. So, without further ado, here are the five golden rules of the Hollard JUMA.

Rule #1: Stormwater Drain Karma

The ancient, mystic stormwater drains of the Braamfontein Spruit are alive with mischievous spirits. As part of an initiative to give back to the community, the Hollard JUMA put bokashi balls into the Spruit to purify the water of bacteria and harmful toxins; unfortunately, the spirits could not be exorcised.

The stormwater drain spirits live only by one simple rule, that is, “what goes around comes around” – or as the ancient water drain riders used to say, “what tries to overtake too aggressively, usually ends rubber side up.” The drains can be quite narrow, and you’d be best advised to ride respectfully. Attempts at overtaking other riders, popping wheelies or generally aggressive riding; all look good and well at the moment but will almost certainly end up with you taking a dip in the drains.

Rule #2: Pack a light

The Anatomic 700m tunnel is one of the hallmarks of the JUMA. On race day, the tunnel transforms into a spectacular light show complete with strobe lights, glowsticks, and fairy lights. It all makes for quite the sensation, and it is possible to ride the tunnel au natural. But with that added xenon flair you can wiz full speed through and feel like you’re warping through a space-time portal if you like. For riders who aren’t quite comfortable with the dark, maybe consider attaching a torch to the handlebars of your bike and forgo the interdimensional adventure in exchange for the ability to see more than 5 meters in front of you.

Rule #3: Consider riding with flats

While some riders prefer the feel of cleats sticking to pedals to increase their power per pedal, the Hollard JUMA isn’t your typical race. There will be long straights, uphill climbs and winding paths that could do with a bit of thrust, but there are also several winding paths, sudden turns or even the odd stop that necessitate a quick foot on the ground. In this regard, you’re best advised to go with your flats. If you’re too attached to your cleats, however, then we suggest you at least spend the coming weeks practicing your dismount.

Rule 4#: Pack a sense of adventure

Another handy item to pack into your backpack is a sense of adventure. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “But a sense of adventure isn’t even a tangible entity; it’s a phrase. You can’t even quantify that, let alone pack it in a bag!”. Well, not with that attitude you can’t.

The Hollard JUMA isn’t your ordinary race. There will be water bridges and water drains. And even a cemetery to ride next to. The challenge is different, but aren’t those the best kind? Be open to new experiences. Come with the right mindset, and you’ll undoubtedly have yourself an unforgettable experience.

Rule #5: Embrace the JUMA Culture

The JUMA has some unique paths, and while there are vast open rides on the route, there are also a few technical sections where the odd bottleneck tends to form. Take these an excellent opportunity for one of the Hollard JUMA hallmark traits; the Hollard JUMA community.

Interact with other riders, help a fallen rider up and tell war stories at the Adventure Village. Generally, be ready to make a new friend or two because the opportunity will present itself. Embrace this community, because it’s you, the riders that make the Hollard JUMA so special.

And that’s it. Five simple rules to prepare you for the Hollard JUMA 2018. Follow these simple rules, and you are sure to have an unforgettable day.

Entries for the Hollard JUMA will cost R360 for the 22km route, R488 for the 54km, R593 for the 72KM Punisher. We will also have a 2km route made especially for kids at just R100 with tickets available at the gates. Entries are open up until 8 am on the day. Visit: www.joziadventure.co.za for more information.

While you’re there, why not make it a double whammy and complete the Johannesburg Urban Run Adventure too? The JURA takes place a day earlier on Saturday the 2nd of June boasting a newly revamped course that is slated to be our most exciting yet!

Entries for the all-new Hollard JURA will cost R297 for the 6km trail and R359 for the 12km. Again, you can visit: www.joziadventure.co.za for more information.

Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You'll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.

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