You aren’t fit until you’re #Metafit!

Metafit works! It’s tough, but it’s meant to be. 

Developed by a former Royal Marine Commando and an international gymnast in 2010, the Metafit team has been creating true HIIT workouts internationally for 10 years.

Metafit is where HIIT meets group training – 30 minutes of bodyweight-only exercises to set your metabolism on fire that can be put to work in a bootcamp environment, studio class set-up or personal training session.

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Not the ordinary HIIT programme

Metafit is differentiated from other HIIT programmes by the incredible support that they offer to their coaches; allowing them to focus completely on technique and encouragement, ensuring members can get the results they are looking for!

Metafit also provide coaches with tracks which have pre-recorded work/rest timings and well thought out exercises, to deliver a balanced workout. The video libraries ensure the coach uses correct form and provides quick, brief teaching points as well as progressions and regressions – therefore making it suitable for most fitness levels and allows everyone to progress at their own pace.

The Metafit class experience 

The average Metafit workout is 20 minutes of HIIT compound movements. This ensures trainers get maximum bang for their buck in the short amount of time used.  Using incomplete rest periods (brave yourself, sometimes only 8 seconds) to improve fitness levels, Metafit classes aim to increase lactate thresholds of the participant.

Why does this matter? A high lactate threshold can help you sustain a more intense pace for a longer period without fatiguing as quickly compared to someone with a lower lactate threshold. Several studies have shown that an athlete’s lactate threshold appears to be a better indicator of endurance performance than VO2 Max.

Furthermore, each track ends with a “finisher” a form of metabolic conditioning that’s done at the end of a workout. During a finisher, you work at near-maximum intensity for a few minutes and utilize a combination of strength and cardio exercises to spike your heart rate; leading you to feel totally spent.

“By eliciting both the muscular burn and the breathlessness, your body is essentially tapping out the last of your muscles’ energy reserves for the day,’” which may allow for a calorie deficit, depending on the intensity of our workout and general diet.

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But wait, there’s more: Meet MetaPWR

MetaPWR is the new workout from Metafit. Sticking to the fundamental HIIT training principles, they have created a 30-minute power circuit using functional kit to work muscles and boost a participant’s metabolism.

Think ‘old school’ circuit training, but with functional equipment, uploaded commands, backing tracks and ‘Powerplay’ (as opposed to traditional “finisher”) features.

All workouts have circuit cards and makes use of battle ropes, sand bags, medicine balls and kettlebells to help with core, balance, strength and variety.

Think you’re up for it?

Then there’s MetaPRO, it’s divided into 3 variants:

  1. Higher intensity PRO12 workouts to push your experienced metafitters to new levels of HIIT. 12 minutes of Metafit – so all your big movements, taking out the active recoveries … think burpees, tuck jumps, sprints and explosive jacks alternating with brief rest periods … tough but with incredible results and a flood of endorphins.
  2. Pro PT – Specific PT tracks, with varied exercises and combinations to give clients measurable goals, targets and specific 1-to-1 coaching techniques therefore everything is measurable and improvements can be recorded.
  3. New Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) workouts that will challenge classes with sport based skills and drills in a HIIT class format – think Metafit in motion.

Question is – Are you ready to level-up?

So why consider Metafit as the new alternative. Is it just another trend or here to stay? Truth is you get HIIT, and then you get Metafit, it’s same-same but different. Metafit supplies a great framework of support for it’s trainers, with pre-recorded tracks and a solid structure approach to training – making sure your Metafit qualified coach has the perfect toolset to focus on YOU. Workouts structured effectively, saving you time and maximising your efforts!  

 In order to find a qualified coach near you, have a look here

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Author: Gary Fairweather


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