Jen Jewell’s FREE 8 Week Workout

Jen Jewell's 8 week workout

Break through your fitness plateau and get the results you deserve with Jen Jewell’s 8 week workout program, FREE!

Jen jewell Fitness Mag cover girlNo matter what your fitness goal is, you can start this program and achieve major results.

By Jen jewell

You don’t need to be a slave to the gym. You can do this workout anywhere and quite frankly, the moves are a lot of fun. These workouts are effective and efficient.  All you require is a few basic pieces of equipment and some open space to complete each workout.

Stick to the plan, and just like that – get results!

Based on my experience, your first goal should be to find a balanced approach that will ensure you can be consistent and stick to your training and nutrition plans all year round. I’ve developed a system that works and that I can stick to!

This approach is also different as you’re going to gain strength and stamina first, which will then make losing that stubborn body fat that much easier and, importantly, help you keep it off. You’ll also continue with your training in a fun, efficient manner, which garners the results you’ve always wanted. I hope you’re ready for some fun and to get some serious results!

With these workouts, you’ll combine strength training moves with bursts of cardio. I’ve taken my favourite weight training moves and combined them with an assortment of cardio intervals for a double-dose of fun and effective exercises.

There is no better time than NOW to make a meaningful and lasting change to your lifestyle and your body with Jen’s 8-week workout program.


The Workout

I’ve set up the workout calendar with 4 days of training per week. If time allows and you want to add in an additional day then please do so. Just ensure that you have at least one full day of rest each week, and an optional “fun with fitness” day.

  • Add in some cardio for 20-40 minutes, 3-4 days a week if you can, depending on your individual goal. For fat loss, aim for closer to 40 minutes during cardio sessions. For general health and endurance, three days a week at 20 minutes will be good.

JenJewell workout


The workout calendar will contain the following training split over the next 8 weeks:

  1. Lower body workouts  *Note: no machines are needed for this workout.
  2. Upper body workout circuits
  3. Total body tune-up workouts *Note: these workouts are designed for people to do when they are too busy to get to the gym but are still making time for their fitness.
  4. Abs and calves workouts with additional explanations

*Note: if injuries or limited space prevent you from doing one type of cardio burst or another you can substitute that move for any of the other cardio bursts listed in the workouts. For example, if you don’t have room to jump rope, throw in a set of burpees or mountain climbers as a replacement.

Jen Jewell