Week 7 – Workout 4. Jen Jewell’s 8-week Workout

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The “Work it” Circuit

A cardio for home, a park, or anywhere you’d like! This is a bodyweight workout, so you don’t need any equipment other than a jump rope and some free space!

  1. Repeat each exercise back to back with little to no rest in-between for one full round of the circuit.
  2. Rest briefly (up to 1 min if necessary),  then complete 3-4 more rounds.

*If you don’t have a jump rope, perform jumping jacks!

[highlight]Calorie crushing circuit: Perform 3-4 rounds[/highlight]

– Jump rope x 1 minute

– Jump squats x 15 reps

– Push-ups x 15 reps

– Mountain climbers x 30 seconds

– Plank up/downs x 30 seconds

– Jump rope x 1 minute

– Side plank holds (15 seconds/ per side, both sides)