Week 6 – Workout 1. Jen Jewell’s 8-week Workout

Jen Jewell

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The workout: Lower Body Workout #6

What you’ll need: A jump rope, resistance band, weights (can modify if no machine access)


Cardio on step mill or stair master (whichever you have access to) for 5 min, hop off and perform 3 rounds of 15 jump squats/15 burpees and then back on the step mill for 5 min. Now go lift ladies!

[highlight]Super Set 1: Perform 3 rounds[/highlight]

[toggle title=”Wide/low jump squat combo for 30 seconds” state=”close”]With no weight. Start wit your feet together, then jump out wide and low to a squat, jump back to middle with feet together, staying low the entire time.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Jump rope 30 seconds” state=”close”]Jumping jacks or tuck jumps are a good alternative[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Side to side squats with resistance band x 12 reps” state=”close”]Wrap a resistance band around your ankles. Start as you would in squat position with barbell,  squat down taking a step to the right, push upwards and step together. Repeat by squatting (walking) to the right, repeat for 12 steps. Rest briefly (15 sec max) and then repeat 12 reps to the left. Please make sure you use a resistance band because this really changes the game with this exercise![/toggle]

[toggle title=”Plank jacks with the resistance band around your legs x 20 reps” state=”close”]Sorry, you’ll probably be cursing my name at this point! You can be in elevated plank position or forearm plank, just keep your abs in tight and control the movement. Perform a jumping jack motion with your legs, with the resistance band adding more tension.[/toggle]

Rest briefly between rounds to keep your heart rate elevated.

[highlight]Super Set 2: Perform 3 rounds[/highlight]

[toggle title=”Sumo deadlifts x 8 reps” state=”close”]Set your feet wide apart for the sumo deadlift. Bend at the hips and grip a barbell with a narrow grip. Pull the barbell upwards by driving the weight through your heels extending through your hips and knees. As the weight passes by your knees lean back and drive your hips to the bar, pulling your shoulder blades together.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Jump rope x 30 seconds” state=”close”]Jumping jacks or tuck jumps are a good alternative[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Plie squats with barbell x 12 reps” state=”close”]Have a wide stance and our toes should be facing out, with a barbell loaded across your shoulders.[/toggle]

Rest briefly between rounds to keep your heart rate elevated.

[highlight]Super Set 3: Perform 4 sets[/highlight]

[toggle title=”Weighted wide jump squats x 30 seconds” state=”close”]Place your feet shoulder width apart with a dumbbell down to your front and your palms facing down[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Mountain climbers x 30 seconds” state=”close”]In a push-up position keep your arms straight and the balls of your feet on the floor. Get your balance, then bring your left knee up to your chest, then plant your foot back down. Switch up the position by returning your left leg to the starting position and bring your right knee in towards your chest. Keep alternating your legs with each rep. Keep the pace fas[/toggle]

Rest up to 1 minute between sets.

[highlight]Super Set 4: Perform 4 sets[/highlight]

[toggle title=”Lower back extension x 15-20reps.” state=”close”]Perform these holding on to a weight plate, arms extended out in front of you entire time. Squeeze your glutes and focus on your lower back each rep up.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Single leg glute bridge on exercise ball x12-15 reps/leg” state=”close”]Lie on your back in a bent-knee position with your right foot firmly on an exercise ball and the left elevated and outstretched. Keeping the abdominals contracted, lift your hips up off the floor. Your right heel is pressing into the ball (the added instability on the ball is great for core activation) . Avoid pushing your hips too high as this can cause over arching the low back. Lower your hips back down and repeat, then switch sides.[/toggle]

Rest up to 1 minute between sets.