Jen Jewell’s 20 minute workout

jen jewells 20 minute cario

Here’s a fun way to be able to get in some quick cardio on a day where “I don’t have the time….” Or on a weekend morning when you’d rather go to brunch than the gym…here’s your workout! It goes along with our “No Excuses, Just Results!” motto, and let’s face it- everyone can carve out 15-20 min for a quick workout if they really want to.

20 min or less, NO EXCUSES, JUST RESULTS workout:

Exercises are broken up into time instead of reps. You’ll be doing these exercises in 1 min or 30 sec increments. Ready, set, work it!

  1. Jump rope, 1 min
  2. Wide jump squats, 30 sec
  3.  Jump rope, 1 min
  4. Push-ups, 30 sec
  5.  Side lunges, alternating sides each rep, 1 min
  6. Plank up/downs, 30 sec
  7. Mountain climbers, 1 min
  8. REST, 30 sec

Repeat for a total of 3 rounds and you’re done! Have fun!