Why the Kettlebell Should Be Your Best Friend

Why the Kettlebell Should Be Your Best Friend

Most of us visit the gym to lose weight AND sculpt strong, sexy muscles.

So the question is, which exercise modality gives you muscle-building bang, and also a cardiovascular workout that burns calories fast?

Kettlebell exercise! It’s gaining recognition as the most effective form of exercise. In 2013, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) conducted a study on the calorie burn of kettlebell training.

Researchers determined that participants were burning at least 20.2 calories per minute, which works out to a staggering 1200 calories per hour, which is equivalent to running at a pace of 03:43/km. This makes it one of the most effective exercises, minute-for-minute when it comes to burning calories. This is due to the fact that kettlebell training incorporates multiple muscle groups per exercise.

So go on. Pick up the kettlebells!

Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.