Weekly Workout: Barbell Workout

Barbell Workout

Don’t be surprised if you get very hungry after challenging yourself to this metabolism-shaking workout.

During full-body workouts, a great deal of stored glycogen is metabolised for energy which fires up the metabolism as the body works to restore what was used.

It’s also a great way to get your cardiovascular system working, and is an ideal form of training for beginners or those short on time during the week because you target a number of major muscles groups all at once, increasing muscle size and building strength.

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It is best to focus on lifting a moderate weight using proper form to get the most from this short workout without undue risk of injury. Remember to keep your core engaged throughout, which in itself is an excellent way to build that six pack!

How to perform the workout

Perform 8 reps per exercise, back to back with no rest to complete one round. After all the exercises are done, rest for 60 seconds, then repeat the round 3 more times. (4 if you’re brave!)

Front squats

With the barbell resting on the front of your shoulders, squat down and come back up with a little glute squeeze.

[highlight]Squats are a favourite among athletes for good reason! [/highlight]Squats promote the release of important muscle-building, fat-burning hormones, along with the development of core strength and they also work a number of smaller muscles to make us functionally strong and help protect us against injury.

Shoulder presses

Press the barbell overhead from shoulder height. Use a weight that’s not too challenging for your rotator cuffs, to avoid injury. Our shoulders are very susceptible to injuries due to the nature of the joint, so always be wary of that.

Barbell rows

In a bent-over position, with your knees slightly bent and your spine in alignment, allow the barbell to hang straight down below you. Lift it up to your belly. Squeeze the middle of your back to engage the main muscles being worked with this exercise.

Sumo deadlifts

Place your feet wider than hip-width apart. With a strong back, pull the barbell up to the standing position. Squeeze your glutes to initiate the movement to ensure they are fully activated.

Bulgarian split squat

With one foot placed on a bench behind you and a barbell across your upper back, bend your front knee to as close to 90 degrees as possible to lower yourself down. Press back up through the leading leg to extend the knee and hip.


Introducing new fitness blogger Izzy

New guest blogger Isilda da Costa, also known as Izzy, used to do pilates and yoga before she was bitten by the iron bug a few years ago. She is a typical ‘work hard, play hard kind of girl’ and views the barbell squat as the most valuable exercise in the gym because it works the whole body, not just the legs and glutes. Having been forced to make some lifestyle changes when she was in her early teens after being diagnosed with lupus, a chronic autoimmune condition, Izzy studied and completed various fitness, personal training and nutrition courses and even opened her own health shop. Izzy thrives off motivating and inspiring others to reach their personal fitness goals.If you want to be your best healthy, fit and happy self Izzy’s Weekly Workout is the perfect place to start!

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