The Workout that Targets Problem Areas Part I

The workout that targets problem areas Part 1

Everyone has that region or body part they wish was a little tighter, rounder, firmer, bigger or smaller.

Butt, thighs, stomach, arms… these four body parts make it onto the list time and again. And while there are certainly ways to target the
muscles that make up these body parts, generally the rule of thumb is that fat loss and lean muscle gain goes a long way in eliminating the word “problem” from any body.

The truth about “toning”

It is of paramount importance to realise that in order to lose fat on the thighs, for instance, you will be losing fat all over simultaneously, and in order to lose fat all over you will need to eat and train in a way that makes this the most efficient and successful. This would include strength training – and preferably big, compound movements that utilise the most muscle – cardiovascular exercise and a smart, clean diet.

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WBFF Pro Angelique Snyman gives us some of her favourite exercises for working the muscles that make up the classic problem areas; movements, that when done properly and with sufficient intensity, are likely to shape any derriere, as her many clients from her online training business www.fitnessangelsa.co.za would attest to, and which her amazing body proves.

When it came to sculpting her physique, WBFF Pro Angie told us that she loves doing heavy weight training, keeping the reps high.

Her diet is very clean, and is made up of six small meals a day, such as chicken, rice and veggies. She eats rolled oats and four egg whites for breakfast, and again at night with a serving of whey isolate and water before bed.

Picking a diet / nutrition style, eating clean and being consistent with it is an essential ingredient in changing body composition.

Angie suggests some moves to work the problem-area muscles and shape those glutes and abs. Keeping it simple and focussing on form and intensity is the key to success here.

The workout:

6 moves to a sexier and shapely behind and mid section. Perform these moves with enough intensity in order to challenge your muscles. Perform the requires reps and sets per movement before moving on to the next move. 60-90 Seconds rest between sets, and 90-120 seconds between exercises.


  • Reps: 3 sets of 15 reps each
  • Form tip: Keep your upper body as still as possible, don’t lean forward or use momentum to complete the move.

“Nothing shapes your glutes quite like step-ups do,” says Angie. This targets your quadriceps, gluteal muscles and hamstrings.

walking lunge


Reps: 3 sets of 15 reps each

This targets your quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

plie squat


  • Reps: 3 sets of 15 reps each
  • Tip: Keeping your core braced throughout the move, drop down as low as you can go without tilting your lower back.

This targets your hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

barbell squat


Reps: 3 sets of 15 reps each

This targets your quadriceps and hamstrings, glutes .


These exercises target your abdominal muscles, with an emphasis on your obliques:


  • Reps: 3 sets of 15 – 20 reps each
  • Form tip: Hold your torso in place, your belly button should point straight at all times.

hip crossover

(Also known as the Lower-body russian twist/windshield wiper)

Reps: 5 sets, maximum reps.
Form tip: Move your legs to the side in a slow controlled manner. Avoid swining them with momentum.


Contributions by Angie Snyman | Images by Cindy Ellis | Modelled by Jennadine Havenga

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