Is Personal Training the Right Career for You?

is personal training a good career choice for you?

The Rising Benchmark of the Fitness Industry

Not just a locale to push your weights, the “bench” now denotes a place of global enterprise and concern where new and emerging fitness principles apply

Fact: Fitness goals are far better achieved when you have a pro in your corner.

Research suggests that trainers get over 90% delivery efficiency, meaning that the benefits of training with a personal trainer are not only guaranteed, they are, quite literally, transformational.

The whole world has fast cottoned onto the benefits of training with a professional who has your best interests, individual needs and concerns at heart. According to Marc Schneider, Director of Trifocus Fitness Academy, “gone are the days of thinking that personal trainers are the exclusive dominion of stars and athletes, the rich and the famous – today, personal trainers are used by people of all fitness, age and economic levels to help them make those lifestyle changes they can’t achieve alone.”

Fitness excellence

The demand for excellence in the fitness industry has spurred a boom in the fitness education sector too, with people seeking the most up-to-date training content to keep up with changing trends.

Doctors and all kinds of health care specialists understand that exercise is a particular type of medicine – a preventative medicine. With the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even dementia being decreased and even eliminated through a commitment to health, fitness and wellness, there’s little doubt of the effectiveness and advocacy for sound training regimes and accomplished industry players.

The negative assumption that personal trainers are uneducated couldn’t be more unfounded since the standards for achieving a high quality qualification get higher each year. According to Lisa Schneider, Managing Director of Trifocus Fitness Academy, “there are new programmes and modules continuously being added to ensure that those working in this field are on par with international fitness standards.”

Knowing your proverbial homework is essential to gaining accredited qualifications, locally with the Culture Art Tourism Hospitality and Sports Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA), South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and internationally through REPS, the Register of Exercise Professionals. As Schneider asserts, “new fitness trends also always spur the need for fitness educational institutions to stay relevant, ever adapting and delivering only the best, accredited diplomas and certificates money can buy”.

An attractive occupation

The relatively low stress and high reward of being a personal trainer further makes it a very attractive occupation – with the average salary and demand continually on the rise too. Doing work that you enjoy certainly makes an occupation ever more fulfilling.

But is it the right career for you? Read on to find out

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