Ten Ways to Get Smooth Legs this Summer

After hibernating in trousers and thick woolly tights all winter, your legs need some TLC before they make their summer debut. Follow these ten tips for smooth, flawless legs all summer long:

Ditch the soap and invest in shaving cream

Shaving with soap may seem convenient, but it can result in a clogged-up razor blade (hello razor burn!), and it doesn’t offer the smooth glide that shaving creams do. Shaving creams help soften hair, giving you a closer shave and may contain hydrating ingredients like vitamin E.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating before you shave is key. It’s the only way of removing dry and dead skin cells, giving you a smooth shave and helping your moisturisers absorb more easily.

Apply SPF

The legs are often neglected when it comes to daily sunscreen, but if they’re exposed, they should be covered in SPF as well.

Use a good quality razor

Cheaply-produced disposable razors are known to cause razor burn and discomfort. Invest in a good razor with multiple blades, and replace your blades regularly.

Don’t shave as soon as you step into the shower

Allowing your legs to soak up some warm water while you wash your hair or body makes the hair softer, opens the pores and in turn makes it easier to shave.

Be gentle

Be careful not to apply too much pressure when shaving, and avoid tugging at the skin – this can lead to irritation and painful nicks. If you prefer waxing, visit a qualified professional who knows the correct technique instead of attempting it yourself (you’ll thank us later!).

Shave in the direction of hair growth

If your skin is prone to irritation and razor burn, try shaving in the direction of the hair growth to minimise irritation.

Try dry-brushing

Super affordable and easy, dry brushing is effective in improving circulation (goodbye, cellulite!) and ridding the skin of dead cells. Start at your feet and work the brush upwards in gentle circular motions, in the direction of your heart.

Nourish scars

Apply tissue oil or vitamin E oil to scrapes, cuts and bruises to help the skin heal faster and minimise scarring. Existing scars can be treated via laser and peel procedures. Look out for the new FINO Cosmetics range next year, which includes a natural Tissue Oil and a Dark Mark corrector!

Apply FINO Soothe WOMAN

FINO Soothe WOMAN is a synergistic blend of vitamin A and fruit enzymes that gently exfoliates, purifies and revitalises the skin, while helping to improve elasticity. It is easily absorbed and will not stain clothing, plus you can use it anywhere on the body (including bikini line and eyebrows) after shaving, waxing or any other form of depilation.

This unique soothing balm helps reduce ingrown hair while assisting in calming and moisturising tender skin. It contributes to the relief of dry, itchy skin and other post hair removal irritations. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used on sensitive skin.

FINO Soothe WOMAN is available from Dis-Chem, Clicks and selected pharmacies and salons.


Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.