#StrongWomen Jackie Nel

Jackie Nel, fit mom and business owner, draws inspiration from the #strongwomen that surround her daily.

Who inspires you to be strong?

I am truly inspired by many of the women who surround me on a daily basis, I am fortunate enough to run my own gym, and I am inspired by the women who face daily struggles but continue to put a beautiful smile on their faces and get everything done. They are moms, career women, women who have survived cancer, divorce, heartbreak, who have lost weight, gained weight, but they still show up and give it 100%, still care for those around them and who they never give up on what they want to achieve. It’s truly inspirational and keeps me pushing harder for the things that I want!

Jackie Nel #StrongWomen

Who do you nominate as a #strongwomen, and why?

There are so many women I could put forward but the first and most prominent woman that comes to mind, is a client and friend of mine – Jessica Westergreen – she is a single mom, career woman that manages to be one of the best moms in the world. She balances a very demanding work schedule, has some health issues that would usually set the ordinary person back 100 steps, but she has an inner strength that you can feel the moment you start talking to her and she has the most beautiful heart. She set herself a goal to get healthy so that she could be there for her daughter. She battled through many injuries but pushed through and has already lost over 25kg, 12% body fat and loads of centimetres – she continues to balance everything and it is nothing more that inspirational to watch.

What is your favourite #strongwomen quote?

It’s a very simple one – “She believed she could, so she did”

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Jackie Strong Women

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1. Who inspires you to be strong?

2. Who do you nominate as a #strongwomen and why?

3. What’s your favourite #strongwomen quote?

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