Post-Workout Recovery Smoothie

Recovery Smoothie

Energise your post-workout recovery meal with fruits and protein.

What you eat and drink before, during and after your workout matters! No matter what time of day you exercise, the key is to back up your training with nutritious, low-fat meals and supplements that combine high biological value proteins to help your muscles recover, and good quality carbohydrates that replenish energy stores.

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Post-workout nutrition is vitally important. For best results, eat within 30 to 60 minutes after exercise, when muscles are most receptive. During this ‘window period’, an increase in enzyme activity makes the body more efficient at storing glucose for energy and building protein in fatigued muscles.

Berries and Cream

Calories: 306, Protein: 32,5g

1 cup fat free milk
½ cup blueberries
½ cup strawberries
½ cup raspberries
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
½ cup ice

Preparation method:
Place the ice, berries and milk in a high powered blender for 30-45 seconds, then add the protein powder and blend for a further 30-45 sec.

Raspberries: ½ cup = 60 g
rams = 32 calories, 1g protein
Blueberries: ½ cup = 74 grams = 42 calories, 1g protein
Strawberries: ½ cup = 76 grams = 25 calories, 1g protein
1 cup fat free milk = 250ml = 91 calories, 7,5g protein
Vanilla protein* = 116 Calories, 22g protein
Average serving (1 scoop = 30g)

Calorie conscious? Substitute the milk with another glass of crushed ice and save almost 100 calories.

Blueberries: They’re low in calories but high in healthy goodness! They contain health benefiting soluble dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins and pigment antioxidants that contribute immensely to optimum health and wellness.

Fresh berries contain small amounts of vitamin A, C and E. Altogether these vitamins make potent lipid soluble antioxidants that help limit free radical mediated damage to the body.

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