Smoothie: Fat Busting & Immune Boosting

Immune boosting fat fighting smoothie

Amp up your immunity with this fat torching blend


2 and 1/2 cups papaya, peeled and deseeded
1 pear, cored
1 celery stalk (optional)
2 cups pineapple
1/2 – 1 cup water
Toss all the ingredients into a blender and purée until it reaches desired consistency.

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Packed with health benefits

Slim down faster with pineapples 

They are loaded with vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is also rich in fibre and calories. On top of it all, this fruit is low in fat and cholesterol. All the nutrients it contains promote good health.

Pears are high in fibre.

One medium-sized pear contains six grams, so snacking on a pear can help you meet your daily requirement of 25 to 30 grams. They’re a delicious way to keep you regular too, which can help prevent colon cancer. A diet high in fibre can also keep your cholesterol levels down, which is good news for your ticker.

Papayas have been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Their anti-inflammatory properties help with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Papaya contains the digestive enzyme, papain, which is used like bromelain, a similar enzyme found in pineapple, to treat sports injuries, other causes of trauma, and allergies.

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