Rock athleisure like a boss

If you wear your gym clothes on the school run or in the line for coffee or out to lunch with the girls, you’re probably an athleisure fan!

Thanks to celebrities, fashion designers and runway models, looking great in your favourite sporting brands is no longer reserved only for the gym or when hitting the trails, it’s now completely acceptable to wear your gym kit almost anywhere.

Beyoncé’s Ivy Park line, Rihanna for Puma and the sought-after adidas Yeezy by Kanye West lines have helped fuel the athleisure boom and have made it cool to wear your favourite sports brands or workout gear all day long.

Carey Mol, MD of Commander HQ , an online sporting apparel and gear store says: “People are changing the way they live and are focusing a lot more on health and well-being. What they wear isn’t as controlled by social norms as it was a decade ago, which means it’s far more acceptable to wear your workout clothes outside of the gym. This being said, there are a few important rules to remember when attempting to work your gym wear into your daily routine.”

you only need one piece to take your athleisure look from gym to street

Carey recommends these top tips:

  • Keep up with seasonal trends. Active-wear never used to have trends. While black is still the safe bet and can be matched with just about anything, more colours and bold patterns are being introduced that look amazing when worn with black.
  • Invest in pieces that mix function and fashion. The clothing needs to be made using performance fabrics so it’s not see-through, you can’t see cellulite, and it won’t give you a muffin top. It must also be quick-drying, odour resistant and moisture wicking. Skins DNAmic Women’s Tights have an engineered waistband for a comfortable, precise fit and its moisture management technology keeps wearers dry and comfortable.
  • Accessories appropriately. According to Los Angeles-based stylist Rob Zangardi, who works with Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani, you only need one piece to take your athleisure look from gym to street. It can be a pair of mirrored sunglasses, a leather jacket or even a shirt tied around your waist. This gives you a sleek, sporty look.
  • Heels. There is nothing like a great pair of heels to finish off a look. Dress up black leggings with a bright coloured pair of heels, preferably a peep-toe or wedge. Throw over a sequenced tank top and you’re set to go.
  • When in doubt, stick to neutrals. If you love colour and you don’t mind making a bold fashion statement, go for it. However, blacks, white and greys are a great place to start and you’ll know you will blend in.

So whether you’re working out or just shopping at the mall, workout wear is all about being comfortable and confident. You can also make a statement with the colours and patterns you choose. This is your chance to be yourself and just get on with your day.

Author: Tanja Schmitz

Co-Publisher at Maverick Media and until recently, Fitness Magazine editor. Tanja now manages multiple digital platforms, consults and create exciting campaigns and opportunities in the fitness industry. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.